Venice, what a vacation destination! It’s really beyond belief. The old buildings, the beautiful lagoon, and canals, and all the wonderful things there to do there. But how can you ensure you have the perfect vacation in Venice? Read on to find out.

Get organised

Before you even think about boarding a plane to wonderful Italy, you really have to get yourself organized for international travel. Remember to get into Europe you will need the correct Visa or waiver, something that is currently in the process of being changed to an ETIAS or electronic system. So before you head off, get some Etias information here. Then you can be sure you have the right papers to complete your trip. As you don’t want your holiday to end before it’s even begun!

Don’t forget either, to pack summer clothes. As it gets hot in Venice in the summertime, and you want to be comfortable as you explore the city.


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Do the iconic stuff

Once you have arrived in Venice, you will probably want to get the iconic stuff done first. This is the stuff that you see on the TV, and that everyone wants to experience when they visit this historical city.


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First, treat yourself to a ride on a gondola. These are long low black boats that act as water taxis to allow residents of the city to navigate its canal-lined streets. A gondolier sits on the back and propels the boat with a long stick off of the bottom of the waterways. Don’t neglect to take a bottle of Bellini and a few glasses on this trip either, as that is the traditional drink to enjoy while navigating the waterways.

The there is the wonderful St Mark’s Square, the largest open plaza in Venice. Stop for an espresso or gelato here and watch the world go by.


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Near to St Mark’s is the Doge’s Palace, you will find the historical residence of the Mayor of Venice. A beautiful building, built in the 15th century this is not to be missed as you can explore the lesser seen areas in the Itinerari Segreti tour.


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Get off the beaten track

Now, while it’s fun to see all the iconic sites, it also nice to get a little off the beaten track too and spend some time just walking around. Yes, Venice does has footpaths too as well as canals! While doing this you may discover a charming boutique or restaurant, or you can plan your walk to take you past sites like Bridge of Sighs and the Rialto Bridge.

Stay in the city

Accommodation in the city has traditionally been expensive because it is so limited. However, with the introduction of Airbnb and other providers, it is possible to stay in the city for a more reasonable price. Especially if you share with friends.

The advantage of this is that you get to truly experience Venetian life. You also get to wake up there every morning, and you don’t have to worry about getting the last ferry back across the lagoon in the evening either!


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