For the last couple of years, ombre has been the hottest look on the hair scene, and everyone has been obsessed with dyeing the ends of their hair funky colors, like pink and blue. But now Instagram is being taken over by a new, ~edgy~ kind of roots: glitter.

Following in the footsteps of rainbow roots, glitter roots are the new way to add a little disco flare to your strands.  Instagram is blowing up with this cool new look, usually accompanied by a colorful pair of baby buns.

According to the hair salon Lucy grammed from, The Fox and the Hair, the look is super easy to replicate. Just mix your favorite glitter with clear hair gel and paint it onto your part. ​



Check out more gorgeous ways girls are rocking the sparkly look!​

But now Instagram is being taken over by a new, ~edgy~ kind of roots: glitter...."for fashion."

@jayjaded / Via                                                  @mariastress / Via

Sometimes it’s fine, concentrated lines of glitter.

Sometimes it's fine, concentrated lines of glitter.Other times, it's a buttload of sparkles.

@pastelheartfrenzy / Via                        @charlanniie / Via

Other times, it’s a buttload of sparkles.

It can be a tasteful sprinkling…

It can be a tasteful sprinkling......or a full-on metallic attack.

@sarina_flores / Via                             @itsmeshell2010 / Via

…or a full-on metallic attack.

There does seem to be one  semi-functional purpose to the glitter, though:


@the_supreme /

But we have to ask: How  do you get it off???

Because it seems like glitter roots are the fast track to dandruff.



Have you heard of Glitter roots? have/will you try it?

Let me know in the comments below

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