If you’re the type of person that is too scared to challenge the typical myths of beauty, then taking to busting them may just change your whole life, let alone your beauty regimes! You see, beauty myths are things that hold people back and make them feel as if they cannot do something or try something different with the way they look. And this results in beauty become stagnant and boring. But then these myths are busted, that’s when thing get interesting.


There are some beauty myths out there that absolutely need a busting. Fortunately, a few of them can be found below, already busted for you!

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 4.04.23 PMThe Beauty Myths That Need a Busting

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Fake does not equal real beauty


You probably agree with and live by the preconceived notion that fake beauty, i.e. beauty that is brought about by plastic surgery and surgeries of the like, is not real beauty. You probably think that those who have surgery done have not got the right to call themselves or be called beautiful. But, this is just a myth. This is just big, old beauty myth that is well overdue a busting. You can be ‘fake’ and be beautiful at the same time. You can indulge inBelcara Health plastic surgery procedures, for instance, and look beautiful at the end of it. You can have botox, nip and tuck and even boob job procedures and still look beautiful. Whoever says you can’t, is just someone that is unwilling to bust this classic beauty myth.

Wearing makeup every day will harm your skin


Yes, wearing an excessive amount of makeup (drag queen style) every day will harm and damage your skin, there are no two ways about it. But, normal amounts of makeup can be applied to the face every day, and no harm will come of said face — the myth that says otherwise is simply not true. Yes, a day without makeup may feel great. And yes, it is great to give your skin a rest from it every once in awhile. But if you want to slap on your makeup every day, you can do so knowing that the myth you have always thought to be true — that is harms your skin — is actually not true at all. The one thing you should still remember to do, however, iswash and wipe your makeup off at night, every night.

Shampoos, when used too often, become redundant


Changing shampoos every once in awhile is something that should be done just to keep your beauty regimes fresh — and it’s nice for your hair to smell a different colour every so often. But, you don’t have to change your shampoo just because you think it has become too familiar to your hair and thus stopped working. Simply, shampoos do not work in this way! So, if you want to continue using your favourite shampoo for years to come, do so.

Some people love busting beauty myths, some people like conforming to them. Whatever you do, just make sure you’re happy with your regime and that you are showcasing your very owndefinition of real beauty.


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