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Going out is so much fun but sometimes it can all get a bit samey. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a night at the bar drinking wine and having a laugh, but sometimes you and your friends will really crave something different – a night to remember.


Fortunately, with your party planning prowess and a few quick tips, your party will go down in history as one of the very best. This is because, you will know of a few quirky little ways your party can stand out and stand up to high expectations.

Every party comes with the same basic foundation: a great location, some good food, plenty of drinks all round and some music. So far so good, but is it really going to be unforgettable? Is there not something that would make the music a bit more… special?

Play That Funky Music

You know when you go into a club and you want to chat but the music’s too loud? Or, even worse, you want to dance but someone has put on something that barely qualifies as music? Yep. We’ve all been there but there is an answer: Silent Events.


Complete with lights and 3 DJs playing simultaneously, the silent disco is, perhaps, the greatest way to please a large group with a wide taste in music. Dance together, laugh together and listen to your own thing. And you won’t get noise complaints either

DIY Drinks

It’s not about how much you drink, it’s about how you drink and there are plenty of ways to make the bar more fun. Fruit cocktails and punch bowls are a party standard but what about taking things a step further and making a watermelon punch bowl? Just scoop out the fruit, blend it with your other ingredients and pour it back into the carved bowl. It’s so easy you could try pineapples and other fruits too!


Plus, if you manage to arrange it so that everyone contributes a different drink, you could get your bar tending game on and whip up some awesome cocktails to suit everyone. You don’t need fancy shakers or crazy moves, just use a jam jar, screw on the top and shake it off.

Prop-Filled Photo Booth

In an age where Instagram is the main reason for taking any photo, the photo booth has become an integral part of any cool party – how else will people know you were there? But the average photo booth comes with some pretty standard props and they can be quite expensive to hire.


All you need is a white sheet for the background and then go crazy with the props you provide. Inflatables are ideal and you can go round markets looking for cheap and cheerful things you could add to the prop box. Hats, glasses and false moustaches are popular but think outside the box and you will achieve some really awesome photos. Balloons, party poppers, feather boas – it all works.


Of course, you’ll know your own quirky mind and planning a party like this is really all about seeing the potential in making the normal feel that bit more special. So go ahead, put on your favourite animal costume, book a bouncy castle and go wild!


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