While many people pick US destinations or European countries to visit for their holidays, Australia is often forgotten and it’s difficult to see why. Australian destinations such as Sydney are such wonderful places to visit for a vacation and they certainly need a bit more attention. So to shed some light down under, we’re going to give you six fantastic reasons why you should visit Sydney for your holiday this year. With any luck, you’re going to be booking your flights as soon as you finish reading!

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1. It’s wonderful this time of year


For most of us living in the northern hemisphere, we’re suffering from rain, snow and cold weather. Sydney, on the other hand, has its seasons reversed compared to us which means that right now they’re in the middle of a hot and comfortable summer and slowly transitioning into autumn. Want to escape the cold? Then head to Sydney!


2. There are so many beaches


Sydney is on the edge of Australia so it explains why there are so many fantastic beaches. Prepare your suncream and don’t forget your typical beach attire because you’re going to want to explore these golden sands and warm waters all across the coast! The beaches can get packed full of tourists, but luckily there’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the sun and do a spot of swimming.


3. Surprisingly affordable


Sydney is really far away for most people living in the northern hemisphere or the west, but even so, tickets to Sydney are surprisingly affordable. You’ll find many cheap flights to Sydney if you look in the right places and things like food and accommodation aren’t much more expensive than what you’d expect at home. As long as you avoid touristy destinations and don’t mind heading to the supermarket now and then to pick up some food, you can get by with relatively little in Sydney.


4. Bustling foodie scene


You might not hear much about Sydney’s foodie scene because it’s still growing, but there are some absolutely fantastic places to eat here. Since it’s so close to Asia, there are many unique Asian dishes to be had an there are western staples mixed in as well. Whether it’s fish and chips or hot dogs and pie, you’ll find classics mixed with unfamiliar fusions all over Sydney.


5. Plenty for kids and adults alike


Sydney is a beautiful location that has plenty of entertainment for both kids and adults alike. Want to spend a day treating the kids? Head over to some of the theme parks and safaris available. Want a private night out with your partner? Then head to one of the glamorous bars or restaurants dotted around Sydney at night for a romantic encounter.


6. Stunning to explore


Take a walk around Sydney and you’ll see tall buildings, beautiful parks and scenery that you will never forget. Sydney is a visually stunning location to view with your own two eyes and there are countless opportunities to take a memorable photograph.


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With international travel more accessible than ever, the attraction of exploring the world is huge. This is something I’ve experienced first hand, and I’m sure many of you readers have too. As for 2018, though, my bucket list begins with five places across America.


Here are the five places I’m hoping to visit over the next 12 months, along with the reasons why.


#1. Atlanta, Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia is a stunning city that has many attractions including the CNN tour, nature parks, and historic venues. Right now, though, the thought of seeing the Atlanta United soccer team is the incentive to visit now. I’m not a huge fan of the sport, but the thought of joining up to 71,000 people inside the Mercedes-Benz Stadium is very exciting. The atmosphere looks incredible from the videos I’ve been shown. As a one-off experience, I’d love to be a part of it.


#2. Orlando, Florida


Orlando is hardly a hidden gem, and most people appreciate the hot weather and plethora of attractions. Still, there’s no doubt that Disneyland and other resorts are perfect places for family reunions and vacations with old friends. The combination of fun and sun forms the recipe for a perfect week away. It might be a little on the expensive side, but it’s certainly on my list for 2018.

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#3. New York City


Even if you’ve been to NYC on multiple occasions, it’s a destination where there’s always something new to see and do. The Manhattan Helicopters tour over the city is top of my bucket list for the next visit. In truth, though, it would take days to compile a list of all of the attractions awaiting in the Big Apple. Even if it’s only a, ahem, flying visit, I’ll certainly be spending some time in the city that never sleeps in the next 12 months.


#4. Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah is an incredible place to unleash your explorational side, starting with the Mighty 5 national parks. However, Salt Lake is a city that appeals due to the concoction of natural treasures, historic venues, and 2002 Winter Olympics venues. In truth, staying at the Park City Marriott just outside of the main city is probably a little more appealing. Nonetheless, a few days of relaxation there, combined with a few days of city life excitement is sure to provide a winning solution.


#5. Honolulu, Hawaii   



Hawaii’s unique charm is something that naturally appeals to most travel enthusiasts, and I’m no different. Seeing the Pearl Harbour WWII memorials is an incentive that steps away from the prospect of sitting on the beaches. Still, there’s no denying that Waikiki Beach and the other luxury venues of sun, sea and sand are the main attraction. My only worry is that I’ll never come back!


Realistically, I might only get to visit two or three of those places. Still, it’s nice for a girl to dream.


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