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So, you are going on a first date? You are probably feeling incredibly excited and a bit nervous too. This is natural, and one of the major areas of consideration for any woman before a date is deciding what she should wear. To give you a helping hand, read on to discover the dos and don’ts of dressing for a first date.

DO be yourself – It is important to stay true to who you are and wear something that you would usually wear. Don’t feel like you need to dull down your personality because your dress sense is unique. There is nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd. You want someone to like you for you, and they are only going to be perplexed if you turn up to your second date looking like someone completely different.

DON’T show off too much skin – This is a mistake that a lot of people make when they go on a first date, as they want to impress. However, you want your date to like you for you, not because of what you have on show. Plus, it is vital to leave something to be desired. You don’t want to show off all of your goods on the first date. So, when you are looking formini dresses, make sure you choose one that isn’t low cut, so you don’t have everything on display. If you do go for a low-cut top or dress, make sure the dress is longer or that you team it with a longer skirt.

DO make an effort – Yes, you may want to keep it cool. But, turning up in a T-shirt and a pair of jeans makes it look like you do not care at all. Making an effort is important. It will make your date feel special and it sets the tone for the rest of the evening. The last thing you want is for your date to feel uncomfortable because they have turned up in a suit and you have made no effort whatsoever.

DON’T wear something you feel uncomfortable in – Whendressing for a date, it is vital to be comfortable. If you aren’t, it will show. So, don’t go for those six-inch heels that you can’t walk in! If you walk through the restaurant door waddling like a penguin, your date isn’t going to think about how amazing your shoes are, they are going to think about how daft your walk is.

DO channel your inner feline – The cat’s eye flick is a great make-up choice for a first date. Make-up is often a difficult one when going on a date. You want to look your best and feel confident, but you don’t want to scare a potential suitor off by wearing far too much make-up. It is all about going for a natural look that shows off your true beauty but also injecting a bit of sass. The fierce cat’s eye flick is one of the best ways to achieve this.

DON’T overthink it – One of the biggest mistakes you can make isoverthinking it and questioning every decision you make. At the end of the day, your date is not there to judge what you are wearing. It is the person inside of the clothes that matter.

DO make the most of your best assets – You probably know what your best asset is, so make the most of it. If you have got a good bum, go for the tight pair of trousers or pencil skirt. If you think that your piercing eyes are your best feature, accentuate them with your choice of make-up. Show off the best version of you.

DON’T leave everything until the last minute – Make sure you pick out your outfit in advance and try everything on for a bit of a trial run. The last thing you want to do is get ready and find that the zip is broken on your dress. A last minute panic is never a good look.

Hopefully, you now feel more prepared for your first date. When dressing for a date, it is important to stay true to yourself. Don’t be afraid to show off your personality and your individual sense of style. At the same time, make sure you follow the rules above so that you don’t cross any of the date dressing lines.


If you would like to celebrate your wedding anniversary in style, and create more wonderful memories, you have to start planning every small detail carefully. Whether you want to recreate the day, or celebrate with your friends and family members, remembering those who are no longer with you, it is important that you focus on creating memories that will last you for another few decades, and strengthen your relationship even further. Below you will find a few tips on how to make your wedding anniversary unique and special, just like the day you tied the knot.

  1. Go On a Cruise

To celebrate in style, and focus on each other again, you might want to go on a cruise around tropical islands, or even the world. Take a break from family commitments and work, and have a few romantic days or weeks discovering different parts of the world you always wanted to visit together. If you book a luxury cruise holiday, you can have a romantic dinner planned by the staff, to make you feel extra special, and help you bond and reflect on your lives.

2. Family Vacation

To thank your partner for everything you created together, and the family happiness that grew out of your marriage, you might want to invite your entire family for a vacation to celebrate with you. You can rent a large villa in the Caribbean or a tropical island, and take a break. Get people who cannot attend the vacation to create a video about you, and other family members, so you can include your children, grandchildren, an in-laws in the celebration. While it might be challenging to find a date that suits everyone, you can create a memorable event for everyone who will attend.

3. Your Own Party with Your Music

If you want to have a party in your home instead, and invite everyone who is important in your life, you can get a tent set up in your garden and have a summer event when you can welcome everyone back, and celebrate the years you spent together. Get a catering company to arrange everything, including anniversary cakes, decoration, music, and even special ceremonies you would like during your garden party. You can relive the moments of your wedding if you match the original environment and decor.

4. Invite Original Guests

One of the best ways of recreating the memories of your wedding is inviting your original guests. You can have a great conversation about your wedding day, and they are likely to have some special photos or videos that you haven’t seen for ages. Talk about the funny side of your wedding, and invite your friends’ spouses. Try to involve your new friends and family members in the celebrations, as well. Take this project as a wedding reunion that will help you reflect on the past years together and reconnect with friends who might have moved and you haven’t seen for ages.

5. Renew Your Vows

If you have been worried for a long time, or you want to strengthen the promise you made each other originally, there is no better way of doing so than renewing your wedding vows. It doesn’t matter if you have been married for a decade or quarter of a century, rekindling your relationship is always a good idea. Invite as many friends and family members to the reception as possible, and include your original guests. If some of your guests, or even family members cannot come or have sadly passed away, you can remember them by leaving their chair empty during the ceremony.

6. Recreate the Menu of Your Wedding Night

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To truly relive the memories, you can find the original wedding catering company and retrieve the menu of your wedding reception. Recreate the same food, and get a replica of your wedding cake made. This way, you can feel like you are going back in time, and enjoy today and tomorrow. If you already have children, this will be a good way of telling them the story of how you met, how you got married, and when you decided to have kids. They will appreciate that you involve them in celebrating your relationship.

7. Visit Your First Date Location

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A romantic idea for your wedding anniversary celebration can be visiting the same place you met the first time, or the place you used to go on a date. Even if you moved to a new state, you can book a hotel and stay in the town you met, and visit all the places and remember all those moments that made the first few months of your relationship so special. Did you like visiting a national park, or camping in the forest? Book the same wood cabin you first stayed in, and eat at the same restaurants.

8. Try Something New

If you want to have a romantic celebration, you might plan an activity that you have never done before. From Bungee jumping to sailing and surfing, there are several great romantic activities you can try together to help you trust each other better, and take your relationship to the next level. Try a romantic hot air balloon ride over your favorite landscape, or kayaking in the white waters near you. Take a diving course together, or enroll to an Indian, Caribbean, or Mexican cooking class so you can spend a few nights together, creating something delicious for each other, and preparing your partner’s favorite.

9. Go on A Road Trip

To get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you might want to go on a road trip together, and see where you end up. The secret to this romantic activity is that you shouldn’t plan too many details ahead. Try to find accommodation when it is getting dark, and be open to exploring the hidden gems of the country. From small villages with historic sites to large cities with great nightlife, you can end up somewhere new every night, and taste a different menu. Get the excitement back in your relationship, and start enjoying each other’s company again.

10. Hold a Cocktail Party

If you have more than one thing to celebrate, and want to thank your partner for being a part of your success and standing by you, holding a cocktail party is a good idea. If you built a company over the years from nothing, or have managed to put your kids through university, and they all have great jobs, you have a lot to be proud of. There is no better way of celebrating partnership and success together than by holding a cocktail party for your friends and family members, and show your appreciation for your partner standing by your side every day and encouraging you to go further. If one of you recently tackled a serious illness, a cocktail party is in order, too.

11. Glamping

There is something extremely romantic about a glamping holiday. Get close to nature, and have full privacy for a few days. Go out in the day to explore local coffee shops, small museums, and enjoy watersports nearby. Try to find activities you haven’t tried yet, or challenge yourselves with a hike in the mountains. Get on your horses or mountain bike, and have a few days just for yourselves. Turn off the television and your cell phone, and reflect on your relationship without being disturbed by the outside world.

12. Screen Your Wedding Video for Your Family

If you want a more intimate family event, you could get your original wedding video professionally edited in a digital format, and set up the big screen in your living room. Invite your family members to celebrate with you, and show how your special day went. This is a good way of reconnecting with lost family members, remembering old friends, and showing your kids and your grandchildren the story of your relationship. Be prepared for new memories being brought up by your family members, who remember the events differently.

13. Recreate Your Wedding Photos with Kids (and grandkids)

To commemorate your wedding anniversary, you might get a professional studio photography expert to recreate you wedding photos. You can repeat the photoshoot and add family members as your family grows. This way, you can make new members of your family become a part of your celebration, even if they were not there at your original wedding reception. Get your kids to pose with you, and look back at previous photos every year.


Whether you have been married for a year or fifty, holding a wedding anniversary celebration is a good way of getting even closer to your partner and committing to the relationship again. You can choose to hold a party and involve your old and new friends, family members, or book a romantic getaway for the two of you, so you can connect and reflect on your relationship. Let it be a luxury cruise around the world, or a garden party being surrounded by children and grandchildren, you should celebrate your wedding anniversary in style to create new, long-lasting memories.


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