Most people don’t live all that close to most of their family. Most of us have family members scattered all over the country. This is why so many people often find that they don’t end up seeing a lot of their family members until some specific event brings everyone together – often a wedding or, perhaps a tad less cheerfully, a funeral!

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You shouldn’t wait for those things to take place in order to get the family together. So why not get proactive and consider arranging a family reunion yourself? In fact, you could take things a step further and arrange a family reunion vacation of sorts. This can be the best way to ensure to ensure that everyone is actually engaging in an activity together, as opposed to sitting around in the same area and waiting for conversational topics to manifest.


Whether you’re arranging to go on a vacation with siblings and cousins or arranging something much bigger, here are the things you need to consider when it comes to family reunion vacations.

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The resort


A family reunion means dealing with a lot more people than those who live in your house, so arranging accommodation can be a little tricky! Some families may find that they can all go to the same hotel, even if it means splitting themselves up across the building. Others, do to lack of vacancies at one hotel or due to particular needs, may split up and go to different hotels within the same area.


The best way to go about this is to go to a resort that expects guest groups to come in large numbers. There are loads of hotels that deal with large family groups, and even several that provide special deals for those booking several rooms at once.




A small family reunion could feature perhaps seven to ten family members. Larger ones can have something closer to twenty or thirty! In any case, it quickly becomes clear that transporting everyone can be a big hassle. Even the smaller example could end up being a transportation hassle if you all decide to take public transit!


If everyone is already familiar with the area, then you may not need to worry so much about transportation needs; people will make their own way to the arranged locations or activities. But keeping things as smooth as possible may require sizeable vehicle rental. You can hire a minivan or people mover for smaller groups. If you’ve got a really big family reunion going, you could hire several of these things – but you may want to consider renting a charter bus!

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A big mistake that a lot of people make on vacation is developing a detailed itinerary; a super-strict schedule that determines what everyone is going to do and how much time they’ll be allotted in which to do it. Such a strict itinerary becomes a stress (and unrealistic) even if it’s a solo adventure – let alone a family reunion vacation!


With family members catching up with each other, possible having not seen each other in so long, they’re going to be busy catching up and partaking in activities. Everything is going to take a bit longer. So try to keep the schedule loose!

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