We’ve all read those magazines and self-help books which promise to help you feel more beautiful in a week or lose a crazy amount of weight ridiculously quickly. Of course, none of these guides really help you to look or feel more beautiful in the long-run and that’s what really counts, at the end of the day. You shouldn’t go on a crash diet just to lose weight only to then put it all back on when you undoubtedly bounce back to your original diet; that’s more unhealthy than staying at a consistent weight. Forget all the useless guidebooks. Here are some simple steps towards loving your looks permanently.

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You’d be surprised by how much fashion affects your appearance. Most people look naturally attractive but simply don’t know how to dress well. Whilst you can’t change the body and the face you’re given, you can change your wardrobe very easily indeed. The key is to buy clothes which fit you. Perhaps you’re self-conscious about your natural figure, as many people are, but there is no “perfect size”. Whatever shape you may be, you should strive for fashion which suits your figure. You could check out sites such as https://www.shopthemasonjar.com for inspiration as to dresses which can nicely hug women of all shapes and sizes.

As we’ve discussed before, beauty is all about feeling good about the way you look and the best way to do that is by looking after your body. Just to clarify, that doesn’t always mean losing weight. Being underweight is just as bad for your health as being overweight. That’s why your ultimate goal should simply to be at a consistent healthy size which makes you look and feel good.


You might always be naturally curvaceous or skinny but if you’re sticking to a consistent and regular eating pattern with a good balance of healthy food and the occasional treat then that’s the only thing which matters. A combination of eating well and exercising will also improve your mental health. In turn, you’ll find that a happier mind will lead you to start appreciating your appearance. Living healthily is definitely something of which you should be proud. As explained over at http://www.oprah.com, you need to find things to admire in yourself if you want to feel more beautiful. Start complimenting yourself for your good work with regards to looking after your body.


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Continuing on from the previous point, your mental state has a huge effect on your looks. This isn’t just about increasing your confidence but understand that your mental and physical state are interlinked. If you work on decreasing your stress levels then you’ll notice acne and other skin blemishes start to fade. This might lead you to sleep better which could help give your skin a healthier glow. There’s a reason people can tell when you “look” tired. Above all else, as mentioned over at http://www.thefreedomexperiment.com, smiling more can make a big difference to your appearance. Working on your mental health will certainly lead to that happening more often.

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