Most travel advice is concerned with making the whole thing as cheap as possible: cutting corners, doing everything on a budget, and so on. While this is good advice, there is another side of the coin: and that is, just because everything can be cheaper, doesn’t mean it should always be cheaper. If you’re always selecting the cheapest option for everything, then there’s every chance you’ll miss out on something that might have made your trip all the more special. Below, we offer five things that are definitely worth spending a little extra cash on.

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In the Air


Right, we all know that travel can be cheap, but there’s sometimes a reason why a seat is so inexpensive: it’s uncomfortable. While no-one’s recommending that you upgrade to business class (though frankly, we would suggest this at one point in your life!), you don’t have to automatically go the cheapest option. If you can afford extra legroom, then go ahead. It’ll make the flight – especially the long-haul ones – much more enjoyable. You won’t mind the pilot circling before landing when you’re stretched out! If you need some inspiration to upgrade, check out some the amazing airline seats


Those Classy Evenings


There are a lot of luxuries to be enjoyed in life, and if you’re only sampling them when you’re at home and not traveling, then you’re missing out on a lot. Put on your best dress or suit, hire a limousine like those offered and make your way to a show, followed by dinner. You’ll be experiencing a level of luxury and comfort that would have been unthinkable to virtually every generation that came before you, and all it will have cost you is a small slice of your travel fund.


Your Bucket List


Is there something you always wanted to do in your life? Then don’t even think twice about it: this is not something that you should be checking your bank balance. It’s much better to travel for say, a few days less, and tick something off your bucket list that will mean a lot to you. Indeed, this is why you should be traveling: it’s about more than just being away from home!


Local Experiences


You could, if you wanted, eat at a McDonald’s virtually anywhere in the world. You’ll have spent next to nothing, and won’t be hungry either. However, what will you have gained? It’s much better to spend some extra money and sample the world’s finest foods and drinks. Do as the locals do, wherever you are, no matter how much it costs (within reason, of course).


Once In a Lifetime


You should always keep some extra money back so that you have the cash on hand if you’re presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. If when you’re traveling, you learn that, say, a major sporting event will be taking place while you’re nearby, drop everything and get there. When you’re older, you’ll have a great story to tell!


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