Over 13,000 islands make up the country of Indonesia, and there is plenty to see and do for all types of traveller. Perhaps you are simply here to enjoy the gorgeous white sandy beaches or you would prefer something a little more adventurous like a trip to a volcano. There is also plenty of diverse wildlife to spot here including the world famous Komodo dragons. On top of all this, everything is very affordable so it is no wonder that travellers of all kind flock here. If you are planning a trip out here yourself, here are just a few of the unmissable sights and experiences that you should enjoy.


Kick Back in Bali
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Bali is probably the most famous Indonesian island and there are plenty of good reasons why. Of course, this means that it is crowded with travellers and sun-seekers, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that it is an extremely beautiful place to visit. As well as simply kicking back on the on the sand, you could also try out some surfing on Bingin Beach. One of the most stunning attractions that the island has to offer is the Pura Besakih, otherwise known as the Mother Temple.


See Komodo Dragons


We have already mentioned them at the beginning of the article, but no trip to Indonesia would be complete without seeing some Komodo dragons in the wild. The UNESCO heritage site of the Komodo National Park is the only place that you can do this, so you should certainly take a trip over here during your time in the country. You will really appreciate the size and power of these lizards when you get to see them first-hand.


Visit Jakarta


The capital city of Indonesia is large, bustling and chaotic. After all, it does have a population of 10 million people. If you are hoping to escape from the crowds for a little while, the place to do this is sitting at the cafes looking out over Fatahillah Square in the former Dutch quarter of the city, the Old Bavaria. Nighttime is when this city really comes to life and there are plenty of bar and restaurant options to keep you partying until the early hours.


See Sunrise at Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park        


The  Tenggerese region is home to one of the few big Hindu communities left on the island of Java.Mount Bromo and its national park is another of Indonesia’s must-see attractions, and you will certainly be impressed when you see the smouldering volcano up close and personal! The other volcano that the park is named after, Mount Semeru, erupts reliably every 20 minutes or so! Of course, this is usually just ash and stones so you don’t have anything to worry about. Get up early enough and you will be able to catch a very memorable sunrise.


Head to the Green Hills Around Bandung

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The city of Bandung is bursting with thriving markets, street cafes, and welcoming locals. There are plenty of accommodation options around the place which can be found on https://rumahdijual.com/bogor/villa. The city also makes the perfect place to head out on day trips to the surrounding countryside areas. Towering volcanic peaks, lush hot springs, and sprawling tea plantations are all within easy reach.


Explore Hindi Prambanan    


This grand Hindu temple was built way back in the 10th century and stands at an incredible 150 feet tall. The complex consists of over 240 different temples, so you could easily spend hours strolling around all the religious buildings. There are so many architectural and cultural treasures around the site that it is worth reading about everything in detail or taking a guided tour so that you can fully appreciate what you are witnessing.


See the Orangutans in Sumatra  


Sumatra is the place to go if you are looking to see orangutans. Sadly, due to deforestation and fires in the area, these are gravely endangered animals, so you should try to see them in the wild while it is still an option. Like seeing any great apes face to face, you will be amazed by just how human they seem. So, if you are going to take a tour to see these creatures, make sure that it is one that is ethically-run.


Snorkel or Scuba Dive in Bunaken or the Gili Islands

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So far, we have only talked about activities and sights that you can enjoy on the land of Indonesia, but there is so much going on beneath the surface of the water that it would be a shame if you didn’t enjoy a snorkelling or scuba diving adventure while you are out here. The deep waters of the Bunaken National Marine park is one of the best places that you can go to enjoy either one of these activities. The visibility is usually excellent so you will be able to spot a wide range of sea creatures including tuna, sharks, rays and turtles. Another place that you can go which is great for underwater activities are the Gili Islands, which are very secluded and peaceful as they don’t allow any cars to drive around.


Enjoy a Spa Session
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The affordability of spa sessions compared to ones that you would get back home mean that getting pampered is always going to be a popular option no matter where you are in Asia. Obviously, getting a massage is always going to be a good choice, but you could get one on a beach for an even more relaxing experience. Other popular treatments include body wraps, facials, manicures and pedicures.


As you can see from the diversity of things to do and sights to see, Indonesia is the kind of destination where you can have a totally different experience from other people you have spoken to. Tailor your trip to suit your preferences and you are bound to have an unforgettable time yourself.


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