There comes a point in every woman’s life (or every sane woman’s life, at least), that she stops treating trends in fashion like a religion. At some point, you’re going to look at what’s in the wardrobe and what you’re wearing and you might just ask “why?” Well, it’s time to see the real light and start dressing for yourself. You do you. That’s the mantra you should start following when it comes to fashion.

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Dress to your own strengths, first and foremost

Every woman has their own shape, their own strengths, and those unflattering bits they would rather not draw as much attention to. Your confidence is often tied to how well you dress up these aspects of yourself. Learning your shape and learning to dress to your fit, first and foremost, is going to help you start seeing which trends actually suit you and which looks you might not very well be a fit for. Of course, having a better idea of what shapes fit you also lends itself to making alterations to outfits you just love but have never been able to get the right use out of.

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Pin your look to nail it too

Inspiration is the name of the game when it comes to really finding your own look. If you’re stuck looking at only the newest arrivals in your favorite shops, you’re not going to end up with a unique style. One of the best tools for collecting, collating, and building that inspiration is Pinterest. You can pin fashion inspiration from just about any site, social media platform, and blog, making it a lot easier to start seeing what really appeals to you and to start planning outfits entirely of your own making.

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Everyone needs a signature

Sometimes, you don’t even need a whole outfit to put your stamp on your look. Some of the women with a look that’s truly them create it by wearing an instantly recognizable statement piece. Accessories like your own custom-made pieces from a personalized jewelry store some of the best tools for doing just that. Having a consistent statement piece adds your signature and your sense of self even onto the more casual, basic, and minimalist outfits you piece together.

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Be confident in your choices

How do you be confident in the outfits you’ve made and the pieces you’ve collected throughout the years? By clearing out your closet, obviously! But really, creating your own style isn’t just about finding the pieces that are “you”. It’s about being a bit more picky and coming to terms with the outfits you once loved but no longer do, or just those garments you’ve never had a chance to wear. Updating your look means taking out the old as well as bringing in the new. You should only have in there the looks that you truly love.

Developing your own style isn’t just personally fulfilling and a real confidence boost. You’re going to have the distinct advantage of not looking like just about everyone else when you set foot outside the home from now on, too.


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