There’s something really satisfying about being able to sit in our own homes and enjoy the hard work that we have put in to making it look and feel more homely. However, if you don’t own your home this can be a problem that many struggle to get around, especially if your landlord has strict instructions on no redecorating. What do you do in this situation? Many of us are still renting all over the world because we can’t afford to buy yet, or simply because we don’t want the responsibilities that comes with owning your own home. Either way, we should be able to make our homes more personal to us, and luckily you can. Here are some easy ways to make your home more homely, even if you don’t own it!

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First and foremost, make sure that you double check the rules on decorating in your rented home. It might state that the landlord wishes for there to be no changes to the interior, but sometimes this means structurally. Often, landlords don’t mind decorating as long as if when you move out, you put it back to how it was when you moved in. If your rental agreement isn’t clear, speak to your landlord and find out for definite. They may ask to see some plans of what you’d like to do before making a decision, but it’s definitely worth the try!


If you know for a fact that you’re not allowed to decorate, then don’t become disheartened! There are plenty of other ways in which you can make your home more personal to you and your family, without a drop of paint touching the walls! All it takes is a little creativity, and will more than likely be much cheaper than decorating anyway!


So, if you’re not allowed to paint the walls, it’s likely that they are a neutral colour like cream or white, which gives you a blank canvas to begin working around. This means that your choice of things to hang on the walls isn’t limited by what will match the walls. Here are some ideas on things that you could have on your walls that can instantly make your home feel more homely:


  • Mirrors are a great way of bringing a room together and creating a focal point too. They also make small rooms seem larger because of the reflection of light around the room. It’s now easier than ever to achieve the right kind of mirrored look too, as many homeware stores sell mirrors in all different shapes and sizes! Frames are customisable too, so whatever colour scheme you’re going for, you can match it with your mirror frame!
  • Unusual artwork is another way of completely changing the way that your home looks. If you have a colour scheme, you could choose artwork that will tie the scheme in nicely. If you’re going for a more wacky look, why not find the most unusual and eye catching piece for your home?
  • Pictures are also a great thing to hang on walls because they instantly make you feel at home. Hang pictures or canvases of the people you love and care about so that your home will instantly feel more like your own.


The next thing to think about is your colour scheme. While you might not be able to paint the walls in your colour(s) of choice, you can most definitely paint the furniture to the colour that you desire, or simply buy in furniture that’s already the colour of your choice. Why not consider upcycling your old furniture and giving it a fresh lick of paint rather than spending money on new furniture? It’s so simple to do and you are single handedly creating furniture that’s unique too!


It doesn’t have to stop at your furniture either, as you can get ornaments and trinkets that match your style of decoration. Consider hanging shelves around your home so that you can display your personal belongings and make it feel and look more homely. The great thing about this is that you can truly show off your styles and interests. From crystals to drinking horns, there’s no limitations on what you could display to make your home feel more comfortable to you!


Rugs are a fantastic way of bringing a room together, so if you’re also unable to change the carpets in your home you can use rugs to make it that little bit more like home. You can pick them up widely from many different stores and they aren’t expensive to buy either! Imagine sinking your feet into a plush rug each evening…perfect!


Potted plants are also a brilliant way of personalising your home. You could have different sized, shapes, smells and colours scattered all over your home to instantly add a splash of colour and homeliness. Another great thing about plants is that they release oxygen into the air which generally makes the air in your home nicer and fresher. They will literally be breathing a breath of fresh air into your home! Plants are also proven to make people happier, and can completely change the look and feel of a room!


Finally, another great way of personalising your home is by changing the type of lighting that you have around your home. Your home may have come with light shades, but they can soon be switched over to make your own statement. The same goes for lamps too, adding a few around your home can completely change the ambience of a room.


Even though it can be disheartening not having your home exactly how you want it, there are other easy and cheap ways of making your home more homely. Try these ideas and you’ll soon notice the different in how your home looks and feels!


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