Compared to many of Europe’s celebrated capital cities – Rome, Paris, Prague to name a few – Budapest still remains under-the-radar. But this is something that cannot continue forever. Not only is the city naturally beautiful, it is jam-packed with things to do and see. On top of all this, it is one the most affordable places to visit on the continent. What’s not to love? If you needed more convincing, here, we will look closer at a few of the reasons why you should seriously consider treating yourself and going to Budapest as your next holiday destination.


It is Architecturally Stunning
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Take a stroll through the old streets of Budapest, and you will appreciate the range of architectural styles contained in the city. Art Nouveau is a style which is particularly dominant in the city, though Gothic is also prominent as you can see most clearly in the striking Matthias Church. Architecture enthusiasts will also be able to spot Renaissance, Classicism and Baroque structures.


A Ruinous Nightlife


With bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs galore, Budapest is certainly a world-class nightlife destination. Where else can you go to a huge party at an outdoor thermal bath? Many of the best drinking spots in the city are known as ‘ruin pubs’ – buildings which were originally destroyed during the Second World War but have now been converted into uniquely decorated bars full of modern art. If you are looking to enjoy the nightlife at its most raucous, Szimpla is the most famous of the ruin pubs while Instant is one of the most celebrated nightclubs in the world.


A Diverse Culinary Offering


There is no doubt that the culinary offering in Budapest goes beyond the usual Eastern European fayre of meat and potatoes. Of course, you can still find plenty of these dishes, but with an edge like the paprika-spiced Hungarian Goulash. Budapest is also becoming a very international city, so you will find plenty of dishes from all over the world. And most of them are very reasonably priced indeed!


Panoramic Views are Everywhere
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Hike up into the hills of the Buda part of town and you will be rewarded with views across the Danube and down across Pest. The castle is a particularly attractive place to enjoy the beauty of the city in its full glory, but there are plenty of places which are a little more hidden and less tourist-overrun. There are lots of sights that you can easily pick out on the skyline including the Hungarian Parliament Building and the Chain Bridge. It is this mix of beauty which is starting to make Budapest a popular wedding destination. Check out here if you are planning an Indian Wedding in Budapest. You are bound to snap a picture or two that will provide you with fantastic memories for a lifetime.


Thermal Baths


Need we say more? The city is packed with beautiful thermal baths where you can – quite literally – sit back and soak in the atmosphere. The Széchenyi spa complex is the one that most people head to first (and it is also the location of the Sparty that we mentioned earlier). If you want to go to one that is a little more off the beaten path, check out Gellért Thermal Baths, which some people have said is like bathing inside a cathedral.


Long and Fascinating History


The first settlements were made in the area way back in Roman times, but it wasn’t until late in the 19th century that the city that you see today began to take shape – brought together by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Much of the 20th century history is marred by tragedy including the First and Second World Wars, as well as a long period behind the Iron Curtain. You can learn about much of this at the fascinating House of Terror Museum. But simply stroll around the city and you will discover so much. Even better, take one of the walking tours and an experienced guide can fill in the details and make history come to life.


Nature On Your Doorstep
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Many of the best cities in the world have done a great job in combining the man-made and the natural, and Budapest is no different. The rolling hills of Buda are only a short bus ride away from the city centre. But there are also plenty of large green areas in the heart of the city. Margaret Island and City Park are two such examples of excellent parks directly in the middle of Budapest, while Normafa is for those who are wanting to escape the confines of the city for a little while.


Free Sights


We have already talked about the affordability of Budapest as a city break, but if that wasn’t enough, there are also plenty of free sights to enjoy. The grand St Stephen’s Basilica is one which you can enter by just paying a donation of your choice. And you can also get some fantastic photographs of monuments like the Chain Bridge and the striking exterior of the Hungarian Parliament Building. And, of course, there are also the parks that we discussed in the previous section.


Fantastic Festivals


Time your visit well and you can enjoy one of the many festivals which take place during the course of the year. Choose the one that best suits your interests – whether you are looking for a food and drink festival, a film festival or a music festival like Sziget. While the summer festival is a major attraction during the warmer months of the year, there is also a magical Christmas market when the festive season rolls around.


As you can see, there is plenty to enjoy in Budapest and it is a world-class destination. Plan your visit soon as it is only likely to get busier and busier as time goes on! If you can, try to organise your trip away from the summer months which are baking hot and busy. Spring and autumn are both excellent times to visit.

The short answer to why South East Asia is such a wonderful place to consider for your honeymoon is that it is packed with modern, cosmopolitan, and exotic cities that are perfect for exploring together. In fact, you can find out about some of the most popular honeymoon locations in this area in the post below.

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Kuala Lumpur

One reason that Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia is a great choice for a honeymoon is that the centre of the city is packed with extravagant and luxurious spa hotels. Just the place in which to relax, bond, and refresh as a couple before you go out to explore the surrounding area in more detail.

In fact, if you want the five-star treatment on your honeymoon, then the places like The Ritz-Carlton are the best choice. The reason for this being that there you will find luxuriously appointed rooms, high-end spa treatments, and outdoor pools that just beg to lounge around.

Of course, there are slightly more budget options available as well including the cheaper but still fabulous Hotel Majestic. A place in which, as well as everything else you would expect to find, has freestanding roll top baths in most rooms.

It’s not just the hotels that make Kuala Lumpur the perfect place for a honeymoon retreat though, as there is much more to this thriving city than that. For example, you could take a trip to the Petronas Towers together and enjoy the park, extensive shopping mall, and the bridge that spans the two buildings, as long as your partner doesn’t mind heights that it! See additional details at that can help you plan your trip.

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Then there is a truly exotic and fascinating location of Batu Caves a place where you can climb the many steps and take in the ancient temples and statues. Alternatively, don’t forget to visit the Thean Hou Temple built in six tiers in the traditional Chinese styles as well if the two of you want the full cultural experience. Then when you have finished exploring for the day why not book a table at the Cantaloupe at Troika Sky DIning one of the most romantic restaurant in the city? There you can eat Dehydrated heirloom tomato, ginger flower espuma, tomato consommé jelly, perilla cream and Fermented cherry tomato and other delights that you can check out on the menu at for the other options. Then you can eat and share a bottle of the finest wine with your new spouse while discussing your next day’s honeymoon activities.




Bangkok If you are looking for lots of luxury on a smaller budget for your honeymoon, then Bangkok is a great choice. Not only is set in a beautiful exotic location, but it’s also s a city in which there is plenty to keep you amused as a couple as well. One place you should make time for is the Wat Arun the riverside temple. This is such a beautiful building and super romantic locations, especially at sunset or sunrise as the post at details. Alternatively, if you are your other half are looking to avoid the crowds and get somewhere green then why not visit Lumpini Park? You can even rent a boat and take it out the lack together there, something that will make a terrific Instagram honeymoon shot! Just like the one below.

This week’s #throwbackthursday takes us to our favourite temple in #Thailand – beautiful and detailed #WatArun. And the two of us posing awkwardly. We were among the first people there that morning and it was great to beat the crowds and enjoy the place in peace. For like ten minutes. Do you guys tend to wake up early to see the places with less crowds or you just don’t mind? @amazingthailand . Dzisiaj wspomnienie naszej ulubionej świątyni w Tajlandii – pięknej i bardzo bogatej w detale Wat Arun. I naszej niezdarnie pozującej dwójki. Tego ranka byliśmy jednymi z pierwszych ludzi więc super było nacieszyć się nią w spokoju, bez tłumów. Przez jakieś 10 minut. Jak jest z Wami? Wstajecie wcześniej żeby zdążyć przed tłumami zwiedzających czy wszystko Wam jedno? . . . #travelcouple #sunrise #visitthailand #explorethailand #beautifuldestinations #traveltagged #topolindratravels

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Thailand is also famous for its delicious cuisine, and as a newlywed couple, it would be crazy to not take advantage of this and have some romantic meals for two out. To do this try restaurants like J’aime by Jean Michel Lorain at the higher end of the market where you can sample Razor clams in their gelée with savoy cabbage and sea urchin cream and Frog legs served with morel mushrooms and black cardamom emulsion.

Although you don’t have to push the boat out every night if you don’t want. In fact, as Bangkok has some great street food to sample, so you can pretty much grab a snack that will keep you going wherever you are, allowing you to continue on with your adventures.


If Malaysia and Thailand aren’t calling to your or you, have been there before and want somewhere new to be your first travel experience as a married couple, then why not head over to Indonesia instead? In fact, many people choose to visit the capital, Jakarta after their wedding because once again it is a southeast Asian city that has a lot to offer couples.

Some of the most popular sites there include the Wayang puppet museum where you can learn about the use of 2 and three-dimensional puppets in traditions of Indonesia throughout history. Then there’s the beautiful Pramuka Island that is lined with sandy beach and bright blue seas. In fact, it is more like the traditional location for a honeymoon that you would imagine, which is what makes Jakarta such as great choice, because you get the best of both worlds during your trip.

Jakarta is so lively and fun to experience that many couples not only make it their regular vacation destination after their first visit but even go so far as to buy a house like the ones on offer at in the city. Then they can make it their regular vacation spot and return and relive their romantic honeymoon year after year.

Ho Chi Minh City

Of course, there are other spots that are well worth a visit when you are honeymooning in Southeast Asia as well, and one of those is Vietnam, in particular, Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Chi Minh or Saigon as it more commonly known may not jump out as a Honeymoon location right away, but there are many aspects to this complex and ancient city that make it a worthwhile choice for newlyweds.

Firstly, the mix between modern and colonial architecture can make a fantastic backdrop for your honeymoon. Also, there are a lot of opportunities for new and exciting experience to have together as a couple, such as sampling the street food at the stall in Bến Thành Market. Expect delicious morsels such as Pho and Bun Cha, while the brave couple might also like to try the crispy and delicious pancakes known as Banh Xeo, a Vietnamese delicacy. Check out a more detailed description of the latter dish at

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Once you have filled your bellies then why not head on over to the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens for a romantic walk amongst the animals and fauna. There you can see the snakes, elephants, and even tigers, making it a most memorable trip that animal-loving couples will want to do together.


Lastly but not least as one of most expensive cities, or should we say island-city-states on the honeymoon list is Singapore. In fact, if what you are looking for is high-end luxury and price isn’t too much of a concern then this could be the place for you.

After all, it’s the home of the elegant Marina Bay Sands hotel. Yes, that is the one that has three towers and a rooftop infinity swimming pool that lets you look out over the entire city! See their website for the full lowdown

Although I’m sure if you and your other half do pick such a place, you want wont to stay in the hotel all the time! That is why you should also visit the Night Safari, a great attraction where you can see all sort of nocturnal creatures. You can even book a dinner in the jungle at with a chance to encounter some animals friends at this locations, something that can make your honeymoon unforgettable.

Then why not swing by the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and watch a show or concert together. With hundreds of acts playing there every year, there are plenty to choose from, even if you are your new spouse don’t always agree with your taste in music!

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Florida is so much more than just fantastic weather. Okay, so it is this as well, but it is also a place that is home to more than its fair share of dazzling natural wonders and unique landscapes. In this blog post, we are going to be celebrating some of the finest out there so that you can plan a super adventure to the Sunshine State.


Crystal Clear Springs


We certainly couldn’t discuss the scenery in Florida without talking about the more than 700 natural freshwater springs in the state. Just a couple of the unforgettable experiences that you can enjoy include observing a manatee refuge at Blue Spring State Park and seeing the 10,000-year-old historic spring at Rainbow Springs State Park. Wherever you go, you are bound to be able to enjoy some dazzling natural beauty.


Brightly Coloured Reefs


The only living reef and the third-largest one in the world is found in Florida, where you can enjoy some of the most incredible snorkelling in the entire country. Take your time to enjoy the colourful scenery of this underwater paradise.


Luscious Lakes


Florida is packed with hundreds of lakes which people flock to during the summer months. Right in the centre of many of them is the Shergill Grand Hotel Conference Center Resort which makes for the perfect accommodation choice. If you are looking for something a little different than the usual, why not visit the coastal dune lakes in South Walton, which is a natural wonder quite unlike anything else in the state.


Fabulous National Parks


Each of Florida’s national parks could easily feature in their own section, but we only have a limited number of words to work with! The Everglades and Dry Tortugas feature high up on the list of the state’s most impressive natural areas. The former ranks third in terms of area and covers an incredible 1.5 million acres, while the latter is one of the most remote in the world and is therefore perfect for real adventure seekers.


Caves of Wonder


There is so much more going on in Florida than what meets the eye. Look beneath the surface and you can explore the state’s network of sinkholes, air-filled caverns and underwater cave system. Florida Caverns State Park is a great place to go to start off with, but there are plenty of ancient rock formations to be found at places like Devil’s Den.


World-Class Beaches


Last but not least for the times that you simply want to sit back and soak up some rays (you are in the Sunshine State after all) there are more than enough world-class beaches to choose from. For those looking for partying and good times, South Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach are both good options. However, if you are looking for some which are a little more secluded, take a look at Perdido Key and Santa Rosa Beach.


Florida is certainly a place rich in natural wonders just waiting to be enjoyed, so consider visiting if you are planning a trip to the US.


If you would like to celebrate your wedding anniversary in style, and create more wonderful memories, you have to start planning every small detail carefully. Whether you want to recreate the day, or celebrate with your friends and family members, remembering those who are no longer with you, it is important that you focus on creating memories that will last you for another few decades, and strengthen your relationship even further. Below you will find a few tips on how to make your wedding anniversary unique and special, just like the day you tied the knot.

  1. Go On a Cruise

To celebrate in style, and focus on each other again, you might want to go on a cruise around tropical islands, or even the world. Take a break from family commitments and work, and have a few romantic days or weeks discovering different parts of the world you always wanted to visit together. If you book a luxury cruise holiday, you can have a romantic dinner planned by the staff, to make you feel extra special, and help you bond and reflect on your lives.

2. Family Vacation

To thank your partner for everything you created together, and the family happiness that grew out of your marriage, you might want to invite your entire family for a vacation to celebrate with you. You can rent a large villa in the Caribbean or a tropical island, and take a break. Get people who cannot attend the vacation to create a video about you, and other family members, so you can include your children, grandchildren, an in-laws in the celebration. While it might be challenging to find a date that suits everyone, you can create a memorable event for everyone who will attend.

3. Your Own Party with Your Music

If you want to have a party in your home instead, and invite everyone who is important in your life, you can get a tent set up in your garden and have a summer event when you can welcome everyone back, and celebrate the years you spent together. Get a catering company to arrange everything, including anniversary cakes, decoration, music, and even special ceremonies you would like during your garden party. You can relive the moments of your wedding if you match the original environment and decor.

4. Invite Original Guests

One of the best ways of recreating the memories of your wedding is inviting your original guests. You can have a great conversation about your wedding day, and they are likely to have some special photos or videos that you haven’t seen for ages. Talk about the funny side of your wedding, and invite your friends’ spouses. Try to involve your new friends and family members in the celebrations, as well. Take this project as a wedding reunion that will help you reflect on the past years together and reconnect with friends who might have moved and you haven’t seen for ages.

5. Renew Your Vows

If you have been worried for a long time, or you want to strengthen the promise you made each other originally, there is no better way of doing so than renewing your wedding vows. It doesn’t matter if you have been married for a decade or quarter of a century, rekindling your relationship is always a good idea. Invite as many friends and family members to the reception as possible, and include your original guests. If some of your guests, or even family members cannot come or have sadly passed away, you can remember them by leaving their chair empty during the ceremony.

6. Recreate the Menu of Your Wedding Night

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To truly relive the memories, you can find the original wedding catering company and retrieve the menu of your wedding reception. Recreate the same food, and get a replica of your wedding cake made. This way, you can feel like you are going back in time, and enjoy today and tomorrow. If you already have children, this will be a good way of telling them the story of how you met, how you got married, and when you decided to have kids. They will appreciate that you involve them in celebrating your relationship.

7. Visit Your First Date Location

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A romantic idea for your wedding anniversary celebration can be visiting the same place you met the first time, or the place you used to go on a date. Even if you moved to a new state, you can book a hotel and stay in the town you met, and visit all the places and remember all those moments that made the first few months of your relationship so special. Did you like visiting a national park, or camping in the forest? Book the same wood cabin you first stayed in, and eat at the same restaurants.

8. Try Something New

If you want to have a romantic celebration, you might plan an activity that you have never done before. From Bungee jumping to sailing and surfing, there are several great romantic activities you can try together to help you trust each other better, and take your relationship to the next level. Try a romantic hot air balloon ride over your favorite landscape, or kayaking in the white waters near you. Take a diving course together, or enroll to an Indian, Caribbean, or Mexican cooking class so you can spend a few nights together, creating something delicious for each other, and preparing your partner’s favorite.

9. Go on A Road Trip

To get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you might want to go on a road trip together, and see where you end up. The secret to this romantic activity is that you shouldn’t plan too many details ahead. Try to find accommodation when it is getting dark, and be open to exploring the hidden gems of the country. From small villages with historic sites to large cities with great nightlife, you can end up somewhere new every night, and taste a different menu. Get the excitement back in your relationship, and start enjoying each other’s company again.

10. Hold a Cocktail Party

If you have more than one thing to celebrate, and want to thank your partner for being a part of your success and standing by you, holding a cocktail party is a good idea. If you built a company over the years from nothing, or have managed to put your kids through university, and they all have great jobs, you have a lot to be proud of. There is no better way of celebrating partnership and success together than by holding a cocktail party for your friends and family members, and show your appreciation for your partner standing by your side every day and encouraging you to go further. If one of you recently tackled a serious illness, a cocktail party is in order, too.

11. Glamping

There is something extremely romantic about a glamping holiday. Get close to nature, and have full privacy for a few days. Go out in the day to explore local coffee shops, small museums, and enjoy watersports nearby. Try to find activities you haven’t tried yet, or challenge yourselves with a hike in the mountains. Get on your horses or mountain bike, and have a few days just for yourselves. Turn off the television and your cell phone, and reflect on your relationship without being disturbed by the outside world.

12. Screen Your Wedding Video for Your Family

If you want a more intimate family event, you could get your original wedding video professionally edited in a digital format, and set up the big screen in your living room. Invite your family members to celebrate with you, and show how your special day went. This is a good way of reconnecting with lost family members, remembering old friends, and showing your kids and your grandchildren the story of your relationship. Be prepared for new memories being brought up by your family members, who remember the events differently.

13. Recreate Your Wedding Photos with Kids (and grandkids)

To commemorate your wedding anniversary, you might get a professional studio photography expert to recreate you wedding photos. You can repeat the photoshoot and add family members as your family grows. This way, you can make new members of your family become a part of your celebration, even if they were not there at your original wedding reception. Get your kids to pose with you, and look back at previous photos every year.


Whether you have been married for a year or fifty, holding a wedding anniversary celebration is a good way of getting even closer to your partner and committing to the relationship again. You can choose to hold a party and involve your old and new friends, family members, or book a romantic getaway for the two of you, so you can connect and reflect on your relationship. Let it be a luxury cruise around the world, or a garden party being surrounded by children and grandchildren, you should celebrate your wedding anniversary in style to create new, long-lasting memories.


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