There is something freeing about being on holiday. It’s not just the sense of freedom away from the normal annoyances of the rat race back home; it’s a sense of limitless possibilities. We’ve all gone away and found ourselves entranced by the wares on offer, depleting our travel fund within the first few days because we just can’t resist the urge to splurge. And given it’s usually a treat you only get a couple of times a year, where’s the harm?


If you’re going to shop, then you might as well travel to somewhere where the shops on offer are truly amazing. Fashion fans might be well accustomed to buying online or juggling the cost of shipping, but nothing will ever compare to being in a fashion-forward place and sampling the goods before you buy. Endless rows of high-end, high-quality luxury for you to run your hands over and consider buying, all accompanied by that sense of freedom from the norm that makes travelling such a delight.


While it’s perhaps not the best idea to make your desire to shop a sole reason for visiting an area, there are ways and means of combining all the things you want. Below are a list of destinations that make for truly spectacular destinations no matter what your reason for going, but have an extra something for the fashion conscious to enjoy as well!


Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

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Located on the Kowloon Peninsula and overlooking Victoria Bay, there’s no doubt about it: Tsim Sha Tsui is one of the most popular destinations in Hong Kong. Imagine looking at that technicolour wonderland from the window of your Tsim Sha Tsui hotel, thinking of all the stores that are just waiting for you to visit.


Oh, and what stores! Hong Kong has cornered the luxury end of the market well, with plenty of high-end brands setting up stores around the country, but particularly in the tourist-rich Tsim Sha Tsui. Not only that, but there’s plenty of authentic local markets to indulge yourself with too.

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Milan, Italy




There’s no doubt about it; if we’re talking fashionable destinations, then it’s impossible not to mention Italy as a whole, but specifically Milan.


The city manages to meld together the old – such as the Duomo di Milano as pictured above – with the new in impressive ways. The ancient streets and old-world charm sit alongside the exciting fashion brands that have made the city home, especially during the annual Fashion Week. There’s plenty to explore both in terms of the shopping and the history, so whether you make it a weekend break or stay for longer, there’s no doubt you’ll find something to delight in Milan.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Finally, a few words on the newcomer to the fashionista’s destination list: Dubai. The souks are some of the most intriguing and beautiful shopping experiences you can find, offering an insight into the rich culture that surrounds this area.


If you’d prefer to stick to known labels, then the Dubai Mall is everything that you could need under one roof. The huge mall – which comes complete with its own indoor aquarium – is home to all the big, high-end designers, as well as outlets and smaller boutiques that you could spend your entire stay exploring. Do try and catch some of the local culture too, of course, but there’s more than enough here to get you flexing your credit cards!


Most travel advice is concerned with making the whole thing as cheap as possible: cutting corners, doing everything on a budget, and so on. While this is good advice, there is another side of the coin: and that is, just because everything can be cheaper, doesn’t mean it should always be cheaper. If you’re always selecting the cheapest option for everything, then there’s every chance you’ll miss out on something that might have made your trip all the more special. Below, we offer five things that are definitely worth spending a little extra cash on.

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In the Air


Right, we all know that travel can be cheap, but there’s sometimes a reason why a seat is so inexpensive: it’s uncomfortable. While no-one’s recommending that you upgrade to business class (though frankly, we would suggest this at one point in your life!), you don’t have to automatically go the cheapest option. If you can afford extra legroom, then go ahead. It’ll make the flight – especially the long-haul ones – much more enjoyable. You won’t mind the pilot circling before landing when you’re stretched out! If you need some inspiration to upgrade, check out some the amazing airline seats


Those Classy Evenings


There are a lot of luxuries to be enjoyed in life, and if you’re only sampling them when you’re at home and not traveling, then you’re missing out on a lot. Put on your best dress or suit, hire a limousine like those offered and make your way to a show, followed by dinner. You’ll be experiencing a level of luxury and comfort that would have been unthinkable to virtually every generation that came before you, and all it will have cost you is a small slice of your travel fund.


Your Bucket List


Is there something you always wanted to do in your life? Then don’t even think twice about it: this is not something that you should be checking your bank balance. It’s much better to travel for say, a few days less, and tick something off your bucket list that will mean a lot to you. Indeed, this is why you should be traveling: it’s about more than just being away from home!


Local Experiences


You could, if you wanted, eat at a McDonald’s virtually anywhere in the world. You’ll have spent next to nothing, and won’t be hungry either. However, what will you have gained? It’s much better to spend some extra money and sample the world’s finest foods and drinks. Do as the locals do, wherever you are, no matter how much it costs (within reason, of course).


Once In a Lifetime


You should always keep some extra money back so that you have the cash on hand if you’re presented with a once in a lifetime opportunity. If when you’re traveling, you learn that, say, a major sporting event will be taking place while you’re nearby, drop everything and get there. When you’re older, you’ll have a great story to tell!


Traveling is something many of us enjoy to do, be that for the long-term or simply for that one vacation a year we all count down to. However, it can often be expensive to book the trip of your dreams and can leave you draining your budget or paying back credit cards for the weeks and months after your holiday. Only for you to do it all over again the following year. So I thought I would share with you some of the budget-friendly ways you can fund your travel plans.

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Set up a savings plan


When it comes to your holiday many of us know when we would like to travel or book a holiday, so prepare in advance and set up a savings plan. Putting aside savings for your trip can help you avoid getting into debt when the time comes to pay off your holiday. It helps you to budget, and then once the holiday is paid for, any additional savings left or saved up to your holiday can be used towards your spending money. Even if you don’t save the full amount, savings some can help towards the costs.


Look out for bargains online


Don’t always think that booking with a travel agent will be the best deal, often you kind find some amazing bargains on flights or accommodation online. Get prices from all different options and compare them. If you find a deal online take it back to your agent to see if they can match it or even better beat it. That way you know you are getting the best deal out there.


Think outside of the box when it comes to accommodation


If you are honest, we are all aware that city center accommodation or downtown boutique hotels are always going to be pricey especially in prime season. So think outside of the box when it comes to accommodation and stay a little out of the center. This can often reduce the cost of your accommodation by hundreds when making a more informed choice. Hiring a car could be an option t help you get to all the local attractions. Sometimes staying outside of the resort can mean better accommodation or even villas with your own pool for less money than you would spend in resort. It has to be worth considering.


Book way ahead or last minute


Booking in advance can sometimes give you a great deal, especially when booking after Christmas and in January when people are less likely to spend. However, if you can’t book too far in advance then wait until the last minute. Some travel agents or holiday providers will slash the price of hotels and flights a few days before, this is when some of the best bargains can be booked.


Don’t always think package deals are best


Finally, a package holiday and even all-inclusive might look good on paper, but is it really? Work out both options and see if booking separately, going self-catering or even having a package deal is worth the money.



Most people don’t live all that close to most of their family. Most of us have family members scattered all over the country. This is why so many people often find that they don’t end up seeing a lot of their family members until some specific event brings everyone together – often a wedding or, perhaps a tad less cheerfully, a funeral!

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You shouldn’t wait for those things to take place in order to get the family together. So why not get proactive and consider arranging a family reunion yourself? In fact, you could take things a step further and arrange a family reunion vacation of sorts. This can be the best way to ensure to ensure that everyone is actually engaging in an activity together, as opposed to sitting around in the same area and waiting for conversational topics to manifest.


Whether you’re arranging to go on a vacation with siblings and cousins or arranging something much bigger, here are the things you need to consider when it comes to family reunion vacations.

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The resort


A family reunion means dealing with a lot more people than those who live in your house, so arranging accommodation can be a little tricky! Some families may find that they can all go to the same hotel, even if it means splitting themselves up across the building. Others, do to lack of vacancies at one hotel or due to particular needs, may split up and go to different hotels within the same area.


The best way to go about this is to go to a resort that expects guest groups to come in large numbers. There are loads of hotels that deal with large family groups, and even several that provide special deals for those booking several rooms at once.




A small family reunion could feature perhaps seven to ten family members. Larger ones can have something closer to twenty or thirty! In any case, it quickly becomes clear that transporting everyone can be a big hassle. Even the smaller example could end up being a transportation hassle if you all decide to take public transit!


If everyone is already familiar with the area, then you may not need to worry so much about transportation needs; people will make their own way to the arranged locations or activities. But keeping things as smooth as possible may require sizeable vehicle rental. You can hire a minivan or people mover for smaller groups. If you’ve got a really big family reunion going, you could hire several of these things – but you may want to consider renting a charter bus!

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A big mistake that a lot of people make on vacation is developing a detailed itinerary; a super-strict schedule that determines what everyone is going to do and how much time they’ll be allotted in which to do it. Such a strict itinerary becomes a stress (and unrealistic) even if it’s a solo adventure – let alone a family reunion vacation!


With family members catching up with each other, possible having not seen each other in so long, they’re going to be busy catching up and partaking in activities. Everything is going to take a bit longer. So try to keep the schedule loose!

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