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We all have times when we need to get by on a budget but we also have times when we have some spare money and we want to treat ourselves. These are the times when you can invest in some luxury items that will make you feel like a princess. They are items that you can look at on a dark day and they will make you smile and bring color and happiness back into your life. Here are some top ideas for luxury items that will last you a lifetime.

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Diamonds will last you a lifetime

Nothing says luxury quite like a diamond and every lady would like one, or more! They make the perfect investment. They hold their value and they look utterly gorgeous. You can’t wear an investment portfolio out in the evening with a ball gown, can you? They hold their value and this is one accessory that will never go out of fashion so it is yours for life.

When you are investing in diamonds you need to know what you are doing so it is best to get some help. But where should you get that help? Why not read this James Allen Review to help you decide if he is the retailer for you? You can find out all you need to know about the service that he provides, the pricing and the history of his business.

Vintage clothes give you a sense of history

Vintage clothing gives you style, a sense of history and a good investment opportunity all at the same time. However, you don’t have to head out to the shops to get started and you don’t have to spend a thing! Start by talking to the older members of your family. Have they stored any special items away because they could not bear to get rid of them?

Offer to sort out your grandmother’s attic and then ask politely if it is okay for you to ‘borrow’ any items that you take a liking to. Don’t forget to ask if there are any family stories associated with the item of clothing. These are more precious than the clothing itself.

Before you head out to the shops to look for vintage clothing it is a good idea to do your research online first. Find out which labels were around in the period that you are interested in and which ones are holding their value. This will enable you to make a wise investment. Remember that body shapes have changed. If you are very slim, you may find it hard to find something to wear from the 1950s when curves were all the rage!

Shoes, shoes, shoes

There are some types of footwear that it is worth investing in and others that you should steer clear of. Leather boots are always a great investment and bring a touch of luxury to brighten up the long winter days. Killer heels are another perfect investment. You won’t wear them very often but they will make you feel like a princess when you do!





It’s that time of year again when we need to look at getting our summer wardrobe ready. Those spring delights can now move to the back of the wardrobe while we invest in some clothes which will keep us cool, and help us to look great during the next couple of months. And if you have booked a summer holiday, you need to also work on getting some pieces you can take on your vacation with you. But while summer is nearly upon us, our bank balance might not be so ready for the new season. After all, it can cost a lot of money to get some new summer clothes for our wardrobe. And if we are on a budget (due to paying for holidays and festivals), it can make it difficult to pick up some new pieces. However, not all is lost if you are low on money. In fact, here is some handy advice for getting your summer wardrobe sorted on a budget.

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Go through your old wardrobe first


It’s so easy to just go splashing the cash on new clothes for your summer wardrobe if you don’t really know what you have already. After all, you think you need to buy a ton of items, so you aren’t left short for any summer occasion. But before you go out on the town shopping, it’s essential you go through your old wardrobe first. After all, you might have some decent summer outfits which will last you through the summer. And could end up saving you money if you don’t have to go out and buy something similar. Therefore, look through the wardrobe and try on outfits to make sure they still fit. And then you can put the clothes aside you want to wear, while the others can go to charity. By doing this, you will then have a list of summer essentials you already have, so you don’t have to go spend crazy when you head to the shops for your summer wardrobe.


Invest in just one or two swimming cossies


A lot of people struggle to find a swimsuit which takes their fancy for the summer months. In fact, they tend to try on a load to see what best suits their body. And they might end up coming away with a few different ones so that they have plenty of choice when it comes to beachwear. But if you are on a budget, you are going to end up spending all your money on swimming cossies. And then you will have nothing left to spend on the rest of your summer wardrobe. It can often be a waste too as you will only end up wearing one or two of the costumes in the summer months. Therefore, to help you get your summer wardrobe sorted on a budget, you need to ensure you only buy one or two swimsuits. Take the time to pick out a good quality cossie which you feel comfortable in and looks superb. It’s worth spending more on one than buying loads of cheap costumes. After all, it will fit more comfortably and ensure you look great on the beach this summer!


Get some coupons before you shop


It can be challenging to stock up on a new wardrobe with some of the prices leaving us feeling the pinch. After all, the stores know we are now hunting our summer wardrobe, so they hike up the prices to ensure they rake in the money. But it can leave us feeling the pinch when the clothes are priced too high. In fact, we might not be able to buy some key summer pieces due to the high prices. However, there are some ways you can bring down the cost of the clothes. For one thing, you should have a hunt for some coupons which you can use at the shops. This can bring down the clothes to a more reasonable rate so that you can afford to splash the cash on a summer wardrobe. In fact, you can often get a good discount which will make it more affordable. There are a lot of online sites which have all the good coupons for the major stores such as Coupon Sherpa – coupons, promo codes & printable coupons are available to you. And whether Forever 21 is your thing, or you love Missguided, they have coupons for your favorite stores. That way, you can take them with you, or even buy from the store’s website while you are on a budget! And don’t forget to check when the top shops are doing a sale. After all, you might be able to get some beautiful summer clothes without having to spend a small fortune.


Concentrate on the key pieces


When getting your summer wardrobe ready, a lot of people get carried away at the shops. After all, they see so many cute summer clothes they would love to wear this season. So it means they might end up buying a load of different outfits for the summer. But if you are limited on a budget, you can’t just go around buying various summer clothes. After all, you might miss out on getting some key pieces which will take you through the summer. And when you realize you didn’t buy the item, you will have to wait until you have more cash before getting the key piece. Therefore, to ensure you can get your summer wardrobe on a budget, make a list of key pieces you need before you go to the shops. These should include a good pair of sandals, a light maxi dress, and a couple of vest tops which will help you last through summer. After all, you want clothes which will take you from day to night during summer. And if you concentrate on these key pieces, it will ensure you have everything you need to enable you to look amazing this summer!


And remember if you can’t splash the cash on clothes, spend some money on accessories. That way, even if you are in the same top, you will look different by changing up your summer jewelry!



Now that summer is here you can look forward to longer days and hotter mornings. People will be getting their annual time off work and towns, cities and even villages will have tourists flocking to them. The hustle and bustle means when you’re going out on a day trip with your friends, most likely you’ll run into someone wearing the same clothes as yourself or your gang of friends. But help is on hand, don’t look any further to get the latest tips for your summer outfit.

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Vintage at the beach


Beach holidays became popular as the car became the most common form of transport. Families would all pack up their bags and head to the nearest coast for a cheap and cheerful vacation. In the 1920s, women’s duster coats were the most popular fashion item worn on the sand. They did and do still provide Ideal protection from cold gusts of wind coming in from the ocean while also being thin and slim enough to keep the wearer from overheating.


Hippie beach fashion was made famous by none other than French girl Brigitte Bardot. She wore oversized necklaces of sea shells and buffered pearls. The floral sarong and wide-brimmed hat became the symbol of the rockin’ 1960s. All modern beachwear fashion takes a lesson on simplicity from Bardot’s cute outfits from that era.

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Source – Max Pixels


Jackets and jewels


When the sun shines, you’ve got to follow it’s lead. Embellished denim jackets from the 1980s are a cool and classic style for the hot days of summer. Made famous by Madonna during her sassy pop music career, the jackets have sequenced patterns that shimmer in the sun. This look goes well with short shorts and plentiful jewelry. Silver bangles, bracelets, and fake or real gemstone necklaces add a splash of unforgettable color to the mix.


As you wipe away your hair from your face, your fingers should glisten with the energy of diamonds. Specialists like Verragio rings make sophisticated boutique diamonds rings in all designs and styles for this kind of outfit. The jewelry doesn’t have to be the star of the outfit because summer outfits are more of a statement in an attempt to set the trend; the whole package counts.

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Image by –  Andreas Kollmorgen


Bare midriff


A classic look of the millennial chick, midriff outfits that go just below or above the rib cage shows off the youth of your body. If you’ve hit the gym hard in preparation for summer, you deserve to flaunt your hard work. There’s more than one way to turn heads with style and that’s by having toned abs at the beach.


On the other hand, nothing says beach-ready like a bikini babe. Buying the right bikini is important as the rough and tumble of games played on the beach will put stress on the design and material of the bikini. For strength avoid a purely polyester product, and go for something made out of cotton. Cotton products are tempered, and stress tested to greater levels than synthetic fabrics. Bright colors are the hallmark of seduction when it comes to showing off your bikini body, so venture out a little and pick something that will stand out from the crowd; such as a lime green or pure white.


Fashion is a creative outlet that allows us to express ourselves to the outside world. So if you’re lacking in confidence, your outfit will give you away almost instantly. Believe it or not, the contents of your wardrobe have the ability to increase your confidence levels. They can transform you from shy and quiet to wild and outgoing, simply by changing what you wear and how you wear it. Unfortunately, many of us don’t realize the correlation between clothing and our personality. So we continue to wear clothing that doesn’t make us feel fabulous or that suits us. This can quickly make your wardrobe uninspiring and your love of fashion may even begin to wane.

Thankfully, there are plenty of things we can do to become confident dressers starting today. Take a look at the following hacks that all fashionistas use.

What’s the occasion?

If you feel under or overdressed for a particular occasion, this can have an adverse impact on your confidence. So before you start getting ready each day, question what the occasion is. You might be heading to work or going on a blind date. Knowing the answer to this question is vital in ensuring you choose clothing that looks good while also being appropriate. If you’re unsure what you should be wearing, relax! You can talk to your boss about what they consider to be appropriate workwear and use this to influence your style choices. You can look at blogs or videos that offer advice on date night or wedding fashion. There are also plenty of insightful guides online which can make choosing the right attire much simpler. Take a look at to help you get started.





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Another option is to ask your friends for their opinion on your potential style choices. Their input will be invaluable and could stop you from wearing something you regret. Why not host a mini runway show where you can try on potential outfits in their entirety. This will not only let your friends see the overall look you want to create, but also allows you to see how comfortable it is to wear. High heels, tight jeans and dresses which are too short are all things that can affect how you feel in an outfit. If you don’t feel at ease or experience discomfort, it will be easy to tell. So be realistic about your outfit choice and never wear anything that is painful to wear. That way it will be impossible for you to feel anything but happiness and confidence.


Photograph yourself

People who lack confidence in the clothing they wear are often unsure about what their personal style is. If you fall into this category-don’t panic! Finding your own style is not as difficult as you might think. Start by looking in your wardrobe and look for items or colors you have multiples of. This is a strong indicator of the kind of clothing and colors you find enjoyable and comfortable to wear. Now you know what the key items in your wardrobe are, it’s time to start experimenting. Fashion is all about fun and pushing your boundaries. So start teaming these staples with other items in your wardrobe. For instance, your favorite band t-shirt might look good with a pencil skirt or when worn over the top of a maxi dress. You can wear it tucked in, knot it or even layer it underneath strappy tops and dresses. For more ideas on styling, see

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Whenever you find a combination that you feel amazing in, take a photo of it on your phone. You can then use this as a reference in future when you’re stuck for outfit inspiration. You should also do this when trying on clothes in a store. Look through the photos you have taken, and it shouldn’t take long for a signature style to present itself. Whether your style is glam grunge or vintage queen, start looking for more clothes and accessories that suit your more defined look. Doing this will also make it easier to determine what styles and colors don’t work for your body shape and skin tone. Knowing this will help you avoid making a fashion faux pas in future.



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Don’t forget what’s underneath

One of the simplest ways of making you feel more confident about what you are wearing is by prioritizing what’s underneath. We all have hangups about our bodies, which can profoundly affect our self-esteem. From muffin tops to cellulite, these issues can stop us wearing the clothing we long to wear. But wearing the right undergarments can be a simple way of temporarily masking some of the imperfections which may be holding you back. Spanx products are a fabulous choice that can help smooth out your body and make your clothing look better. A well-fitted bra can also help you do this while also improving your posture too. If you haven’t had a bra fitting for a while, use the useful guide on

Another option is to consider removing your hangups or improve their appearance. That way you won’t have to feel self-conscious when wearing tight dresses or short skirts. There are many ways in which you can do this from applying anti-cellulite creams but there is nothing better than good old exercise and healthy eating There are also non-surgical cosmetic procedures you can try, such as coolsculpting which can tone your body too. You can find out more about this online at

Just remember that your flaws are what makes you unique and unlike anyone else. By removing every imperfection you may have, could stop you from being you.



Take what you have learned from this guide and use it to start dressing more confidently each and every day. The boost that your personal style gives to your self-esteem will be hard to ignore. It may even get you that promotion or give you the push you need to talk to your crush. So never leave the house feeling down about your outfit choice ever again.


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