Have you got a special occasion coming up, or has it been a while since you got your family and friends together? If you’re toying with the idea of hosting a party, but you’re worried about taking on stress and hassle, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some golden rules for every occasion.


Send out invitations early

The last thing you want is to get excited about organizing a gathering to find out that most people already have plans. As soon as you decide what you want to do and when you want to host your party, let your guests know. You can order invitations online, send a text message or email or create an event on social media. Make sure your invite contains essential information, such as the dress code, the location, the date and time. It’s also wise to ask about dietary requirements and allergies if you plan to serve food.

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Specify an RSVP date

When you’re hosting, it’s hugely beneficial to know who you’re catering for and how many people are attending. Specifying an RSVP date enables you to plan in advance and ensure you have enough food, drink and space for the size of the party.


Make sure you have a plan B

Party planning can be great fun, but it can also be stressful. If things don’t run seamlessly, make sure you have a backup plan, just in case. If you’re hoping to wow your guests with an al fresco barbecue and host a pool party, for example, be prepared for unpredictable weather. It’s a good idea to ensure you can move the party indoors if rain is forecast or to provide sheltered spots with portable gazebos from sites like 4WD Supa Centre. It’s also wise to over cater slightly just in case you find yourself with extra guests at short notice. Hopefully, you won’t need to resort to plan B, but it’s always wise to cover your back.


Set a budget

Nobody wants cash to dampen their spirits when a party is looming. To prevent money problems and overspending, set a budget at the beginning of the process, and stick to it. Think about how much you want to spend and then plan accordingly. You can save money on food by opting for a barbecue or a buffet and lower the bar bill by buying soft and alcoholic drinks in bulk. If you’re on a tight budget, ask your guests to bring a bottle or something for the buffet with them.


Prep in advance

When you’ve got people coming over, you don’t want to be running around like a headless chicken until the minute before they arrive. Prepare as much as you can in advance to enable you to chill out and enjoy the party. Set tables, hang out decorations and prepare any cold dishes before your guests appear.

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If you’re planning a party, it pays to be organised. Plan and prepare in advance, send out invitations early and make sure you ask people to RSVP by a certain date. Cater for all eventualities and stick to a budget. Most importantly, have fun!

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Everyone loves kids. They are cute and cuddly, and they do the funniest things. Still, people need time off from the little ones, especially at a party. With them running around and screaming bloody murder, it can take the edge off the ambience. Not to point the finger, but kids ruin parties! Sometimes, adults need to be around other grown-ups and that’s why an adult-themed get-together is a perfect choice. Unfortunately, lots of people don’t know how to throw one because the majority of parties revolve around children. The good news is that you have come to the right place as below are the tips you shouldn’t forget.


Pick A Theme


A theme feels childlike, particularly when kids are running around in costumes. However, guys and girls of all ages like to dress up because it’s fun and exciting. The key is to choose a grown-up topic as it will transform the evening into one for the adults. By the way, that doesn’t mean it has to get dirty of smutty. Get your heads out of the gutter people. No, it can be a retro television show that only people of a certain age will know, for instance. Shotgun Knight Rider!


Supply Booze


One way to make sure it feels mature is to provide alcohol. There’s no doubt that a beverage or two ensures the night goes well, and that isn’t sad to admit. As a grown-up, you’re allowed to enjoy the finer things in life, which is why all adult birthday parties have a cocktail bar! Alcohol can be expensive, so it’s best to stick to the basics such as beer and wine. But, if you do want to splash out, spirits and mixers is an excellent way to get people loose and on the dance floor. Just be sure to watch Tom Cruise in action before you flairing.

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Invite A Personality


The people on the guest list are the ones you want to attend the event, but they might not have eccentric personalities. That doesn’t mean they are boring, but it does suggest they like to take a back seat. At an adult party, you need to ensure the entire room is laughing and having a good time, which is why a “party person” is vital. In simple terms, this is a man or a woman who is comfortable mixing with strangers and who has a fantastic sense of humor. Everyone knows a maverick, and they should be the first person on the list.


Hire A Babysitter


Children are not allowed, but where are they going to go? Usually, a parent would ask a grandparent for help, yet they might be at the party. In fact, everyone who typically has them for the night might be otherwise engaged. So, it’s savvy to be proactive and hire a babysitter for the night. That way, you can enjoy the event and be certain that the kids are safe and happy. If you don’t do it soon, the party might get canceled.


The thing to remember is not to feel guilty. At times, everyone needs a break.


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As 98% of festive songs tell us, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s 24-plus days of fun, frolics, family, friends, merriment, good tidings, festive parties and cheer. But it is also a time of some super-stress, the kind that starts out kind of unnoticeable and then snowballs into total uncontrollable freaking out as you try and make everything perfect on the big day.


So, to prevent stress from wreaking havoc this year, we have pulled together some top tips that will guarantee to make Christmas day nothing but enjoyable.

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1. A Fresh Take

We know what it’s like, Christmas is all about traditions, which means you want to do certain tasks in certain ways. But you don’t have to. Instead of hitting your head against the wall as you try and tackle that one task that always drives you nuts, make a change. If you hate making Christmas dinner, especially because every year you have a different theme and this year is Italian, get caters in and for the best catering, party platters and banquets, look no further than Illiano’s for the best Italian food. If it is just getting your Christmas cards done, why not enlist the help of your entire family bu a) splitting the list or b) getting creative with a family photo.


2. Less Pressure, Please

Perfection is not real. It isn’t. It is subjective and, in terms of Christmas, also temporary. Instead, you should be happy with good enough. You don’t have to top last year’s efforts and you don’t need to go bigger than your next-door-neighbor. Just be happy with your efforts. Take your Christmas tree; it’s just an evergreen shrub, so there’s no need to have one flown in from the wilds of Quebec.


3. Take A Break From Tradition

We’ve touched on traditions once above, and we’re touching on them again. Why? Because if they are causing stress then give them a break. Let’s say you go and watch the Rockettes every Christmas (because it’s tradition), but your kids are kicking and screaming about it, then try something new. Traditions are only fun if you all find them fun. We all change, so adapt to any change instead of stressing yourself out.


4. Keep A Lemon With You

No matter what task you are taking on, make sure you have a lemon on you. This may sound mental and, no, it isn’t a metaphor for making lemonade, it’s because science proves lemony scents improve our mood. So, when you feel yourself getting stressed, either sniff a lemon or pop into a department store and ask to try their most lemony fragrance.


5. Stay True Daily

We all have daily rituals we cling onto for dear life as a way of relaxing and unwinding. It could be reading for half an hour before bed, or curling up on a chair and plugging into Spotify for an hour or any number of things. Whatever it is, don’t give it up just because it is Christmas. These everyday rituals of ours help centre us and keep us calm, so keep them up.


The responsibility of putting together a Christmas party for your friends or colleagues can be a huge one. You don’t want to mess it up and leave everyone who took the time out of their schedule to be there disappointed with the overall experience. Parties that actually get remembered are few and far between; you’re going to need to put in the hours if you want yours not to be forgotten in a hurry. Here’s how you can get it right.


Come Up With a Particular Dress Code or Experience


Festive parties can come in all shapes and sizes. Yours could be a murder mystery-themed party or it could be a more conventional club party. Whatever it is, you should choose a particular dress code that you ask attendees to adhere to and offer them some kind of experience that you think they’ll enjoy.


Include Some Games and Competitions


To add to the fun, you should be willing to add some games and competitions to the party. This will allow you to get people invested in what you’re offering and they’ll be more like to come along for the fun. Competitions are good because they give everyone a chance to get something for nothing, and that’s not to like about that?

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Keep the Drinks Flowing Throughout the Night


No party would be complete without a steady flow of drinks throughout the night. The last thing anyone wants is for the drinks to dry up because that’s when a party can fall completely flat. At no time of the year is this clearer than at Christmas when everyone just wants to let their hair down and have a good time together. There should be someone tapping a keg of beer and another person handing out shots throughout the night. That’s what these parties are all about.


Choose Some Form of Interesting and Fun Entertainment


Every festive party needs to have some kind of entertainment in place to keep everyone interested and engaged through the duration of the party. Polite conversation only goes so far in this context. One sure-fire hit is to hire a karaoke machine that everyone can have fun with as the drinks continue to flow. There are many other options too though, so choose the one that you feel will best suit your party.


Document the Party for Everyone


If you want people to actually remember the party and look back over it fondly, you’re probably going to need to document it in some way. You can do that by taking lots of photos and videos throughout the evening and then sharing them with everyone later on. That can either be done privately or via social media platforms depending on your preference. By documenting it, people will have a token to remember it by.


The Christmas party season is fast approaching so you need to move fast if you want your party to be one of the ones that people look back over with fondness once the hangover has cleared.


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