The responsibility of putting together a Christmas party for your friends or colleagues can be a huge one. You don’t want to mess it up and leave everyone who took the time out of their schedule to be there disappointed with the overall experience. Parties that actually get remembered are few and far between; you’re going to need to put in the hours if you want yours not to be forgotten in a hurry. Here’s how you can get it right.


Come Up With a Particular Dress Code or Experience


Festive parties can come in all shapes and sizes. Yours could be a murder mystery-themed party or it could be a more conventional club party. Whatever it is, you should choose a particular dress code that you ask attendees to adhere to and offer them some kind of experience that you think they’ll enjoy.


Include Some Games and Competitions


To add to the fun, you should be willing to add some games and competitions to the party. This will allow you to get people invested in what you’re offering and they’ll be more like to come along for the fun. Competitions are good because they give everyone a chance to get something for nothing, and that’s not to like about that?

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Keep the Drinks Flowing Throughout the Night


No party would be complete without a steady flow of drinks throughout the night. The last thing anyone wants is for the drinks to dry up because that’s when a party can fall completely flat. At no time of the year is this clearer than at Christmas when everyone just wants to let their hair down and have a good time together. There should be someone tapping a keg of beer and another person handing out shots throughout the night. That’s what these parties are all about.


Choose Some Form of Interesting and Fun Entertainment


Every festive party needs to have some kind of entertainment in place to keep everyone interested and engaged through the duration of the party. Polite conversation only goes so far in this context. One sure-fire hit is to hire a karaoke machine that everyone can have fun with as the drinks continue to flow. There are many other options too though, so choose the one that you feel will best suit your party.


Document the Party for Everyone


If you want people to actually remember the party and look back over it fondly, you’re probably going to need to document it in some way. You can do that by taking lots of photos and videos throughout the evening and then sharing them with everyone later on. That can either be done privately or via social media platforms depending on your preference. By documenting it, people will have a token to remember it by.


The Christmas party season is fast approaching so you need to move fast if you want your party to be one of the ones that people look back over with fondness once the hangover has cleared.



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Going out is so much fun but sometimes it can all get a bit samey. There’s certainly nothing wrong with a night at the bar drinking wine and having a laugh, but sometimes you and your friends will really crave something different – a night to remember.


Fortunately, with your party planning prowess and a few quick tips, your party will go down in history as one of the very best. This is because, you will know of a few quirky little ways your party can stand out and stand up to high expectations.

Every party comes with the same basic foundation: a great location, some good food, plenty of drinks all round and some music. So far so good, but is it really going to be unforgettable? Is there not something that would make the music a bit more… special?

Play That Funky Music

You know when you go into a club and you want to chat but the music’s too loud? Or, even worse, you want to dance but someone has put on something that barely qualifies as music? Yep. We’ve all been there but there is an answer: Silent Events.


Complete with lights and 3 DJs playing simultaneously, the silent disco is, perhaps, the greatest way to please a large group with a wide taste in music. Dance together, laugh together and listen to your own thing. And you won’t get noise complaints either

DIY Drinks

It’s not about how much you drink, it’s about how you drink and there are plenty of ways to make the bar more fun. Fruit cocktails and punch bowls are a party standard but what about taking things a step further and making a watermelon punch bowl? Just scoop out the fruit, blend it with your other ingredients and pour it back into the carved bowl. It’s so easy you could try pineapples and other fruits too!


Plus, if you manage to arrange it so that everyone contributes a different drink, you could get your bar tending game on and whip up some awesome cocktails to suit everyone. You don’t need fancy shakers or crazy moves, just use a jam jar, screw on the top and shake it off.

Prop-Filled Photo Booth

In an age where Instagram is the main reason for taking any photo, the photo booth has become an integral part of any cool party – how else will people know you were there? But the average photo booth comes with some pretty standard props and they can be quite expensive to hire.


All you need is a white sheet for the background and then go crazy with the props you provide. Inflatables are ideal and you can go round markets looking for cheap and cheerful things you could add to the prop box. Hats, glasses and false moustaches are popular but think outside the box and you will achieve some really awesome photos. Balloons, party poppers, feather boas – it all works.


Of course, you’ll know your own quirky mind and planning a party like this is really all about seeing the potential in making the normal feel that bit more special. So go ahead, put on your favourite animal costume, book a bouncy castle and go wild!


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Over the past couple of decades, proms have become a massive deal  in the UK. Previously the stuff of American high school movies, the annual events are now the pinnacle of the social calendar for a generation of school leavers. They are a chance to dress up and let loose with friends after the stress of exams, but they’re also a coming of age ritual where new identifies can be tried out, and we can make a statement about who we are and what our intentions are in the world. It’s a night that you’ve seen replicated a million times on screen, and without a doubt you want it to be special – so here are some top tips for making it the night of your life:


Get Ready Early


The scale of prom nights now means they are significant events and milestones in our lives – its also one of the most photographed occasions you’ll ever have aside of a wedding or graduation – so leaving everything until the last minute is not a good idea. Whatever your personal style is, you can find a way to rock it for prom. Everyone wants the chance to look and feel their best and showcase their personalities in a way that you can’t while rocking a school uniform Make sure you start looking for prom dresses a good few months before the event, decide on your transport plans, if you want any hair or makeup appointments get them booked as slots fill up weeks in advance – get that glowing skin and princess hair if you want them. You don’t want to be panicking about missed details on the night so have a trial run where you try on your outfit and practice moving around in it.


Avoid the Comparison Trap


You’re at prom to make memories, so the focus should be on you, your friends and having fun. You don’t need to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others, as that can only ever have a negative outcome. There’s room for everyone – you don’t need to focus on who has a better dress and who looks like they’re having a better time. Prom is everyone’s chance to shine in their way. If you find yourself falling into the trap of comparing, take a moment of mindfulness and confirm with yourself that you need to just focus on having fun.


Wear What You Want To


No one can tell you what you ‘should’ wear to your prom night. Your ultimate goal should be to feel comfortable in your skin, and that comes with being true to yourself. If you aren’t a dress person, don’t force it – find a really chic trouser suit instead and rock that. Friends and family may have strong opinions about what suits you, but you’ll only really look good if you feel that way too. Make your outfit something unforgettable for you personally. Choose something you love, and you won’t be looking back at your Snaps with regret after the event.


Go With Who You Like


Make sure the company you surround yourself with at the prom is who you truly want to be spending time with. No accepting a date because you feel pressured into it – if you want to go in a group with your friends then do that. Your prom is your special night. Make memories with those closest to you, make new connections with people you haven’t spoken to before – and that’s what will make for an unforgettable night.


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Thanksgiving is a time of the year which many of us look forward to all-year long. It is the perfect time to spend with our families, friends and to reflect on the year we’ve had, giving thanks for all we are grateful for. One of the most fun parts of this holiday is having a big party with the ones you love and eating plenty of delicious food. If you want to hold a party this year, here are some great tips.

Keep It Simple

The key to creating the ultimate menu for your guests is to not over-do it. Remember that you are only one person, and if you choose a ton of recipes you’ve never made before- things can get stressful very quickly. Here are some ideas for food you can either whip up ahead of time, or stick the oven before you get ready for the party.

Snacks and Appetisers

  •         Homemade Cheesy Breadsticks with hummus dip
  •       Corn Fritters
  •         Soup and Crusty Bread
  •         Nuts

Main Meal

  •         Roasted Turkey
  •         Roast Potatoes
  •         Vegetables
  •         Pepper Jack Corn Muffins
  •         Stuffing
  •         Mac and Cheese

Simply put all of these out on the table and let everyone pick their own.

Sweet Treats

  •         Mini Fruit Pies
  •         Cupcakes
  •         Apple Blossom Tart
  •         Chocolate


There are two options here. You could either hire some bar equipment and have fun creating crazy cocktails for your guests. Or simply have a table in the corner of the room with glasses, bottles of wine, beer and spirits so that everyone can help themselves to whatever they want.

Create Ambience

The beauty about hosting a party around Thanksgiving is that you will already have a lot of decorations in your home to make it feel festive. However, if you still want to add a few more elements to your home and make it the ultimate winter wonderland, you might want to look at adding some extra touches to the home:

  •         Lighting: To really create that magical festive atmosphere, you’ll want to turn off the main lights and make use of all of those fairy lights and candles you have around the house. Decorate the table with tealights and hang fairy lights around the door frames for extra festive glow.
  •         Music: There’s no better way to make a fun atmosphere than to have some music on in the background as you enjoy your party- there are tonnes of great thanksgiving playlists online which you can download and play throughout the evening

Extra Preparations and Smart Hacks:

To make the night, and the morning after, go even smoother- you can also make a little extra effort in the preparation and get ahead with the tidying. The great thing about preparing most of your food in advance is that you’ll have already done the washing up. The only things you’ll need to wash afterwards are the platters you serve the food on, the plates and cutlery. However, to make you life even easier: you can buy disposable platters, cutlery and plates so that once the party is over everything can simply go in the trash can. Before you invite the guests to your home, spend the day tidying away clutter, opening the windows to let fresh air in, and cleaning up to make the house feel fresh and new. You can then light a scented candle an hour or so before people start to arrive to add that festive aroma to the home.


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