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If you are hitting that point in life where all your friends are settling down and having babies, it can feel like another world completely. But, that day when your best friend and announces she’s pregnant, you feel part of the experience, but without all of the pain and pushing! But it’s your duty as their friend to give them as much support as you can, and celebrate this beautiful moment. This is why a baby shower is an important part of the experience. But, if you’ve never thrown one before, what in the name of God do you have to do?!


Who Do You Invite?

It used to be that only women would be invited, but now it seems more commonplace that anyone that’s close to the mother can come. When it comes to inviting them, make sure you set a few ground rules and make it accommodating to the mother. Think of it as a birthday party. So invite the close friends and family members. It can be a minefield to navigate, especially if you leave a family member out, so consult with the mother to be who they want there.


Does The Dad Have To Come?

It’s your call, traditionally they never used to come, but now it’s happening a lot more. If they’re a close-knit family, then maybe the dad will want to come, but if it’s going to be an all-girls affair, then the man will make his own fun. No doubt he’ll be happy to have the afternoon off!


What About The Venue And Food?

Budget aside, you might be best picking a venue to host it. It can be anywhere, from a town hall, or a hotel, which is beneficial if they put on food for you. If food is an issue, you can always make your own and bring it along, such as simple nibbles like paprika chicken, and bite-size food, but nothing too spicy for the mother to be! Or you can spring for a caterer, there are plenty around, and caterers like Simply Elegant deliver food that is a bit more than your standard nibbles! And don’t forget about the various dietary requirements!


What Sort Of Presents Do You Buy?

This could be a dilemma for many people, do you go for something for the mother, or do you buy predominantly baby stuff? Well, depending on the informality of the occasion, it’s really your call! Best to stay away from alcohol at this point, but the idea is to buy gifts that will be suitable for the mother and the child. Yes, of course, the name “baby shower” dictates that you buy predominantly baby gifts, but it’s always best to think outside the box. Everyone else will be buying baby grows, baby accessories, and the like, so consider buying something that’s going to make the mother happy. But, no doubt they will feel quite emotional too, not just because of the hormones, but it’s such a wonderful occasion.


Baby showers can be very stressful, especially if you’re organizing it, but it’s a beautiful experience, especially when you see the look on your friend’s face when all of her friends have turned up to show their love and support.


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