Being a fashionista, your dream job is probably to become a fashion mogul. Some may say that you’ve set your sights too high. Some may say that you should just stick to your job at the fashion store and be happy with it. But you shouldn’t listen to these naysayers; you should follow your dream! And if you do decide to follow this dream, then make sure to take heed of things you should always do below.


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1. Always dress to impress


Whether you’re working on the shop floor of a fashion store flogging clothes that you’re not even particularly fond of. Whether you’re an intern at a fashion company and are only tasked with photocopying and doing the tea and coffee run for the real staff. Or whether you’re in a role of management at big fashion brand — you should always dress to impress and you should always dress with confidence. You should do so because, as a prospective fashion mogul, you have the ability to carry your CV on you at all times. When people can see you have an eye for fashion, it’s only logical that you will open up more doors for yourself in the fashion industry. So, never let your own personal sense of style slip!

2. Always forge connections


Similarly, no matter what stage you are at in your fashion career you should always try to forge as many connections with other fashionistas as you can. This means schmoozing any boss that you may have in order to garner a better reference. It means being as nice and as helpful as you can be to any customer that comes to you for fashion advice, as you never know who they might be. And it also means acting in a similar way to all of your co-workers because, you never know, somewhere down the line they may hold the key to you bettering your own career. So, always make connections and network whenever you can; this means attending whatever fashion conference you can afford to attend.

3. Always aim higher


Well, nobody has ever become a mogul in regards to anything by aiming low, have they? In your attempt to reach the pinnacle of the fashion industry you have to, at all times, be looking up towards those lofty heights. This means that you should, quite literally, always be on the lookout for higher level jobs than the one you currently have. In regards to this, make sure to head over to to see all the latest vacancies at this particular company — one of which is the Assistant Brand Manager role. And this is the kind of role that you should be looking towards attaining sooner rather than later if you want to realise your potential as a fashion mogul.

Becoming a fashion mogul is tough. It takes a lot of hard work in regards to your knowledge of fashion and your ability to identify and display it. It takes a lot of schmoozing. And it takes a lot of confidence and belief in your own ability. If you are willing to give all of this for your dream, then you’ve already jumped the first hurdle.


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