Throwing a party isn’t exactly this new thing that all of the cool kids are doing; however, it’s been going on for so long that some party throwing ideas and tips are a little outdated now. Do you want to throw an awesome, memorable party that your guests talk about for a long time, or a party that will simply blend in with the rest of them? The former, of course!

To help you plan and prepare for the best party ever, here are the only party throwing tips you’ll ever need:

Make Each And Every Guest Feel Welcome ASAP

It’s important to make each and every guest feel welcome at your party ASAP. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a house or at a huge venue, you should go out of your way to make sure you welcome them. You can have signs too, so they know that they’re at the right place, and are aware of where they can put their bags, coats, and go to the toilet.

Get Organized Well In Advance

Make sure you don’t plan a party a few days before the event is due to go down. You need to get organized well in advance so that when the time comes, you know you have everything you need and you can relax and enjoy the party too!

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Have An Activity To Bring Guests Together

Make sure you have an activity fairly early on that can help to bring your guests together, this could be a toast, or a game like cards against humanity, for instance. Something like this could make a great conversation starter and help your guests to have an even better time.


Spice Up Your Guest List

Why not spice up your guest list by inviting a circus of people? Make sure you invite people from all walks of life with different jobs and disciplines so you have a really interesting mix!


Decide On Your Mood With Music

Your music is one of the most important things to your party, as it can totally change the mood. Do you want the party to be upbeat? With people dancing all night? Then you need to make sure you have plenty of upbeat songs. If you want a more relaxed event, make sure your music reflects that. You could even hire a DJ or a band if your budget allows.


Stylish Transport Makes All The Difference

Stylish transport will make all the difference to your party. Imagine your guest’s faces when you show up in a limo? Or imagine how pleased the most important people will be when they arrive in one? Stylish transport can set the tone right off the bat. You can look at sites like to get more info on this kind of thing. If you want everybody in high spirits, it could be a great idea.


Give It A Special Meaning

Ozzy Osbourne had chocolate bats and a punch he used to drink when he was younger at his 50th party. Make sure this one has a special meaning of some kind too!


What do you think of these party throwing tips?


Sadly, it’s that time of the year where you have to let go of summer, and say goodbye to sunkissed skin, long warm nights, and sipping something fruity al fresco. However, fall is here, and there’s plenty to get excited about; including Halloween, cosy nights by the fire, and the upcoming festive (and party) season. With so much to look forward to and plenty of socializing to do; you’ll want to ensure that you’ve retained as much of that summer wellbeing and glow as possible.

You don’t have to keep up a tan to feel beautiful; embrace the change in season, and switch up some of your summer beauty habits to suit fall. The following are some tips and ideas for those who don’t want to compromise on beauty, just because the weather has changed, and want to head into fall feeling gorgeous and as confident as ever.

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A Shining Smile

There’s nothing like a beautiful smile to give your whole appearance a glow. If you’re lacking confidence in your teeth; you could consider looking into braces and ways to fix them, so that you can continue happily and with plenty of self-esteem. You’ll need to learn what food to avoid while wearing braces and they might take some getting used to, but you’ll be so glad you made an effort in the long run. Keep up your dental hygiene regime, and smiling through the colder months; it’ll lift the mood of yourself and others, and you’ll feel gorgeous. Don’t forget to moisturize your lips each day and protect them from the cold and wind. A tinted lip salve is the perfect fall addition, and something you can rock everyday to give your beauty a boost (reapply after a pumpkin spice latte).

Plenty Of Color Pops

As mentioned before; a beautiful boost of color will lift your fall style and your mood, so embrace the new trends this season. Burnt oranges, rich burgundy, and all the colors that the leaves change to are perfect for highlighting your eyes and giving you a statement lip. Invest in a palette; you can check out what the beauty gurus are loving this season and treat yourself to one that suits your skintone and gives you plenty of options. Once you’ve discovered a formula you love; find a lipstick or lip cream that has an array of shade, and pick a couple so that you have some for day and night. You can complete an outfit with a bold lip; so don’t be fearful of experimenting.

Nourished And Glowing Skin

It’s crucial that you keep up a great skincare regime, especially as the weather changes, because it can take its toll on your skin. Head to a beauty counter and figure out your skin type and what products will nourish it the best. Don’t skip night and eye creams; this is the time when your skin cells will be regenerating, and it’ll need as much help as possible in doing so. Make the changes that will make you feel great, both inside and out, for a fall and stylish season ahead.

Everyone else might think that you look stunning, but if you’re looking into the mirror and believe that you’re looking a bit, well, boring, then you’re probably thinking about reinventing your look. But we know what you’re thinking: after a fun summer, your bank balance probably doesn’t look quite as healthy as you’d like, so how on earth are you going to turn heads with your new look if you don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul? Luckily, the new version of you doesn’t have to cost the earth, and in fact can be quite affordable. Take our tips below and find yourself a new person.

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Makeup Shakeup


Ah, the power of makeup. Such slight alterations can do so much for our appearance, and how we feel about ourselves. Might the latest version of yourself be just a simple matter of mixing up your makeup routine? If so, there are a few key areas you should focus your attention on. Nothing will have a greater impact that changing up your eyes and your lips. There’s a reason why lipstick has been a go-to favorite for decades – it holds all the power!




OK, so you can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe, but you will be able to add a few useful additions to your outfits, in the form of accessories. People often give the same amount of attention to all aspects of their outfit, but the reality is that it’s usually only a few standout pieces that get all of the attention. A stellar handbag, new shoes, or a standout scarf will make it look like you’ve overhauled your wardrobe. In reality, you’ve just been super crafty with your cash. If you haven’t got an unlimited budget, make sure the money you spend goes a long way!


All in the Hair


And talking of big impact, let’s take a look at your hair. The second a person changes the color of their hair, it’s all anybody else can talk about; that’s how much of a difference it makes. Of course, many people don’t want to be quite as bold as that when it comes to their hair, so what can they do? You can try something as simple as parting your hair on the other side, or getting tape in extensions to give your hair that fuller look. Our hair has a much bigger impact on our appearance than you’d think; if you’re having a perfect hair day, then you’ll be looking your best.


To the Wardrobe


It’s time to dig deep and discover all those hidden gems that are buried in your closet. Is it possible that you’ve become too reliant on just a few go-to pieces, and that you’re neglecting the pieces that might just deserve to see the light of day again? If you’re sure there’s nothing of note back there, consider getting out the scissors and modifying your old items to create a new piece.


Get your thinking cap on, and you’ll be on your way to turning heads over the next few months!


There’s no escaping the fact that beauty and image are aspects of every woman’s life. Sadly, millions fail to unlock their full potential due to falling into the common traps. With this in mind, it’s time to regain control by dispelling some of those myths.

Here are just five issues that you’ve probably encountered, along with how you can overcome them.

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Beauty Is All About Physical Appearances

When thinking about beauty, most women will consider physical aspects first. In reality, though, beauty is a state of mind. Ok, so physical factors will contribute heavily, but there’s still a lot to be said for gaining a strong mindset.

Looking good makes us feel good, but the inverse statement can ring true too. The sooner you learn to appreciate this factor, the sooner you’ll gain control over image and sustained happiness.


Size Is Everything

There’s no doubt that size matters. Then again, it’s important to remember that beauty comes in various shapes. Embracing your body types is key. Meanwhile, one of the most crucial steps is to stop letting the scales dictate everything. As per, muscle is denser than fat. As such, you could be slimmer while weighing more.

It’s equally important to accept that being too small is just as dangerous as being too big. Nothing is quite as beautiful as a healthy looking woman. Learn to appreciate this, and you will not go far wrong with your future investments.

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Shaving Makes Hair Grow Back Thicker


This is one of those myths that has circulated for generations. Its impact has caused women to seek other forms of hair removal. As the hair grows back, it may feel thicker, but it isn’t. Some women will still choose to take other options for personal preferences, but the issue of thickness should not be an incentive.

Given that this is one of the most common and time-consuming beauty rituals, this information can make a world of difference.


Becoming Beautiful Takes Too Long


For many women, the perception of time and commitment needed for a transformation forms a major stumbling block. As long as you have discipline over routines, most people find that noticeable impacts start to show within a matter of weeks.


In today’s climate of wanting instant results despite lacking the time for huge life changes, alternatives are required. Services like offer a cheat for better looks without the efforts. If it puts the smile back on your face, that’s all that truly matters.

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Beauty Counts From Waking Up To Falling Asleep


Sadly, ladies, it’s even worse than that. Beauty is a 24/7 commitment, and your quality of sleep is imperative. Go the extra mile to improve yours for increased energy, healthier hair, and fewer skin blemishes. It may sound simplistic, but it truly can have a bigger impact than any makeup application.


Perhaps most importantly, you must get into the habit of removing makeup before bed. Failure to do this brings many problems as it doesn’t give the skin time to recuperate. In turn, this could speed up the aging process greatly.


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