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In the winter time, people tend to worry a lot about their skin because it’s dry and chapped. This is all down to the drop in temperate and the low humidity levels that steal moisture out of the skin. While it may sound rather daunting, there are plenty of things that you can do in order to keep your skin glowing, and feeling magnificent.

Here’s what you need to do.


Don’t be tempted by the heat

Sure, when it’s been a long day, and you’ve finally got back home from being stuck out in the cold, there is nothing better than a hot shower to bring your body temperature up to toasty. But having the water hot – especially on your face – will actually dry it out even more. It may not feel like it at the time because you’re wet, but the drastic change from cold to hot will pull out any moisture that you had left, leaving you with nothing. This doesn’t mean that you have to shower under freezing water – but rather, lukewarm. And if you’re able to manage it, an icy cold splash on your face at the end is great for closing up your pores and tightening your skin, giving you the ultimate facelift for free.


Invest in the right skin care

There are plenty of different brands of skin care on the market all claiming they do the best job. But actually, a lot of them have all the same ingredients, they just add a different scent to them and maybe even a bit of color, and voila - totally different. Right. So when looking for the right products, it’s essential that you do some research first. Have a look at the label on the back, and google what the different ingredients are and how they can help you. Face masks are a great way to restore moisture while also cleaning out your pores. Natural products are a brilliant direction to go in because there aren’t alien chemicals that you’re applying to your face like many other brands out there, so try and use innisfree mask and see what kind of results you get.


Hydrate from the inside out

Eating food that has a high content of water is a very clever trick in restoring the moisture back into your skin. Food like watermelon, apples, oranges, tomatoes, cucumber, and celery work great for this as they are made up of a lot of water. Plus they’re deliciously juicy, and good for you in so many other ways too. You will want to make sure that you are getting a lot of Vitamin C and Zinc that makes your body create more collagen and elastin, which keeps your skin looking younger and tighter. And don’t forget the Omega-3 which will smooth out your complexion.

You should also be drinking a lot of water, as we tend not to in the winter time because we move onto things like hot chocolate to warm us up rather than quench our thirst, but you still need water.



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The 24/7 modern news cycle often gives us pause for thought. If you watch enough of it, you may come to the impression that the world is in an immense sense of chaos, and this can subtly inform your attitude on a daily behavioral level. When you feel as though the world is suffering, it can be hard to see the value of progressing well in life. Not only this, but your natural sense of worry on a macro sense can make you feel a constant sense of worry, and that can permeate everything you do.


The solution? Prioritizing your peace of mind. Peace of mind is something we all wish we could have, but many life circumstances occur to keep us away from this prized destination, at least it seems like it. However, despite the ‘why’ of your daily living and your worry, you can always improve the ‘how,’ as in the methodology and attitude through with you approach the world. Perception is everything, but it would be a mistake to think that opinions can radically alter the world around you. There are many complex factors which determine your societal and personal context, and so using the best attitude to change, you can help yourself improve your life and go after this sought-after peace of mind.


What can peace of mind offer you? Well, to begin with, it gives you the space necessary to focus on what truly matters in your life, and in the meantime give you a clear thought process to approach those solutions. It mind be expressed in pausing for thought before you come back with a cutting comment in response to a conversation, or might help you play down your negative habits and prioritize the good. As Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs described, Human Beings have a select tier of needs they must achieve before they are able to become self-actualized.


This is likely sounding attractive. We’d like to offer you the following tips to help you prioritize peace of mind, and experience the benefits for yourself.




Your finances are the backbone of your daily living. People who live paycheck to paycheck often feel this sense of urgency, as doing without much cash for a period can make you feel desperate, worried, or simply leave you in an unprepared state for when an emergency comes around. If you know you’re going to be short for a holiday or anniversary season, or you’re simply having trouble paying off your debts, these issues can all affect your daily thinking, and most significantly, your daily living.

Limited finances, even if you’re in a job, can limit how well you perform in your life. For example, if you aren’t putting money aside for good nutrition, you will feel lethargic and without energy, which will only serve to decrease your performance elsewhere in your responsibility charting.


For this reason, saving well, even if it’s tight, should be a priority. Make sure you have a good $300 in your savings accounts at any one time at least. If you don’t have this, make sure you place small contributions to it as often as possible when income comes your way. Ideally, you need a month of wages saved on the backburner in case you need an extended leave of absence from your work, but this isn’t viable for everyone. If you’re short of cash to pay for food or bills one week, you should identify when your next income will be while applying for payday loans online, and then mitigate the repayments with savings from your next paycheck.


Don’t be afraid to rely on the bank of friends, but remember this is a slippery slope and missing repayments can have dire consequences on your friendship. Good financial sense is almost always a preventative measure, but selling items or applying for payday loans can always help you out of a pickle. Conversely, applying the right insurance to your home or personal requirement can help you feel covered if the worst was to happen. This is also wise if your career relies on something singular. For example, if you make your living as a sought-after writer, insuring your hands can help with a big payout if something was to happen to impeded your working potential.




The chaos and needs of different people can often come between the positive relationship between two parties. However, and you’ll learn this more and more as you age, life is too short for this form of drama. If you have difficulties holding your tongue in trying social situations, or you find your temper often comes between you and the positive resolution of certain social issues, you will quickly find yourself in social chaos, and it will continue indefinitely.


Be quick to forgive and apologize, even if the issue wasn’t your fault. If encountering someone you believe to be toxic, such as a girlfriend or boyfriend using underhanded techniques to manipulate you, simply take the higher road and limit contact without giving a reason. Many people become addicted to drama, and this takes a massive toll on their mental health and peace of mind. Remember, the world is a big place, and there is so much out there you can achieve, so spending the time polishing your social pain is time wasted. Make the most out of your time on this Earth by searching for positive people, people who are inspired and encouraged, and only want to see the same for you.


This is not insignificant. As many people often say, no man or woman is an island. You are often the culmination of your 5 best friends with your own personality thrown in, and if these people are continually supportive and interested in your combined growth, you will blossom like never before. The climate in which you experience life with your social contacts makes up the content of your life. Don’t be afraid to push away people who have no positive bearing on your life, in order to welcome positive people closer. As you get older and become wiser, you will find that the quantity of your friendships decreases, but if you do it right, the quantity will go up.

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Peace of mind is often the opposite of what people think it is. Peace of mind is not the loss of content or challenge. It is not relaxing all day in front of the television, with the perfect nutrition, perfect safety and home you love. Those things can help, but they do not provide peace of mind on their own. What really helps is the knowledge that you are moving forward in your life. This informs your approach to challenge, and will mature you as a person. As you move through the world, you are either in two states. Either you are getting better in some capacity, or you are stagnating. This isn’t to say that you need to achieve wondrous feats of amazing and historical action before you can earn your relaxation time. It simply means that you need to find a purpose to keep you in a stable routine and keep you safe in the knowledge that you have everything to live for.


People who forget this fact will often become prone to depression or anxiety because the roots of their basic necessity aren’t being met. Millions of years of evolutionary success, societal growth and achievement attitudes nurtured in humanity will not go away simply because the division of labor was invented. No matter the size, you need a goal, and you need to work at it in whatever capacity you can. With this, you will find yourself becoming more refined as an individual, and moving through life with this in mind can give you everything to live for.


With your purpose and your orientation properly identified and progressed towards, you will find that life becomes worth living. You will mind that even in the most difficult of circumstances, you will be able to meet challenges with humility. There are people who meet challenge everyday who are so used and capable to handle it that they are peaceful and collected in its presence. There are people with adequate savings to prevent their job necessity, who do nothing everyday and feel a sense of existential despair that can often develop into mental illness. Your purpose defines who you are, and if you do it right, can gift you peace of mind.


Your peace of mind is not insignificant. Someone who has it will be much more likely to exercise restraint, will know themselves on a deeper level, and will be able to meet the challenges of life knowing that they have only their attitudes and perceptions to worry about. Someone who takes the time to look after their aforementioned needs will also become more adept at empathizing and connecting with others, something which is vital to develop a life well lived.


With these tips, you will find that peace of mind is within reach, and it will allow you to redefine the troubles of your past and become more comfortable in your skin.


Good luck!


Fashion is always changing, that’s what makes it so great. Keeping up with the latest trends, however, can be expensive – particularly if you’re on a budget. Knowing when to invest in fashion will make you a savvier shopper, as well as help you to build the ultimate capsule wardrobe. Here’s the lowdown on which pieces you should invest in when it comes to fashion.

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A designer handbag

Buying a designer handbag is at the top of every fashionista’s wishlists, particularly if they’re out of your price list. Designer bags aren’t cheap, which is the appeal, but they are made from high-quality materials which means they will last you for years. Buying your first designer handbag is something you can work towards, pulling savings together and treating yourself for a special occasion like a big birthday or a promotion. To ensure longevity, choose a classic style that you know you can wear with anything that you can use whenever you want to add a special touch to your look.


A good quality coat or jacket in a classic style will always be a welcome addition to your wardrobe. Rather than spending money each season buying into the latest trends, investing more money in a good-quality coat will ensure you have something that lasts much longer – even proving cost-effective when you throw dry-cleaning bills into the mix. It’s worth shopping around for the perfect style, coats sold by William H. Harris Furs guarantee quality for an item that will last you year after year. Protecting your garments before you wear them will help to keep them in their best condition for a long-lasting and happy relationship.

Classic blue jeans

If there’s one thing you can rely on to always be in style, it’s jeans. Dressed down with a casual tee or glammed up with a cool jacket and heels – you’ll always be able to depend on your favorite jeans. They say when you find the right fit, stick with it – it’s worth investing in some high-quality denim that will serve you well for years to come. Cheap denim tends to fade and tear, while investing that little bit more will give you jeans that will improve as they age and can be pulled out whenever you need a winning look.

Must-have shoes

Anyone who has watched Sex and the City will understand the appeal of a designer shoe. While your shoe haul may not be as high as Carrie Bradshaw, you’ll always have a special place for your first pair of designer shoes. Like handbags, designer shoes are built to last provided you look after them well. Rather than get caught up in the excitement of choosing the most on-trend pair, choose from classic shoe styles that are versatile and will never go out of style. If you’re going to be spending a lot on shoes, make sure that they’re comfortable and make sure you do your research before you settle on your chosen pair.
Owning some investment pieces doesn’t mean your wardrobe will go stale or predictable. Reinventing your look doesn’t have to cost the earth and can be done easily through changing your accessories or switching up your hair. Investing in fashion is a fun and exciting way to treat yourself and will give you some stunning pieces that will form a firm part of your signature look.

We’ve all read those magazines and self-help books which promise to help you feel more beautiful in a week or lose a crazy amount of weight ridiculously quickly. Of course, none of these guides really help you to look or feel more beautiful in the long-run and that’s what really counts, at the end of the day. You shouldn’t go on a crash diet just to lose weight only to then put it all back on when you undoubtedly bounce back to your original diet; that’s more unhealthy than staying at a consistent weight. Forget all the useless guidebooks. Here are some simple steps towards loving your looks permanently.

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You’d be surprised by how much fashion affects your appearance. Most people look naturally attractive but simply don’t know how to dress well. Whilst you can’t change the body and the face you’re given, you can change your wardrobe very easily indeed. The key is to buy clothes which fit you. Perhaps you’re self-conscious about your natural figure, as many people are, but there is no “perfect size”. Whatever shape you may be, you should strive for fashion which suits your figure. You could check out sites such as for inspiration as to dresses which can nicely hug women of all shapes and sizes.

As we’ve discussed before, beauty is all about feeling good about the way you look and the best way to do that is by looking after your body. Just to clarify, that doesn’t always mean losing weight. Being underweight is just as bad for your health as being overweight. That’s why your ultimate goal should simply to be at a consistent healthy size which makes you look and feel good.


You might always be naturally curvaceous or skinny but if you’re sticking to a consistent and regular eating pattern with a good balance of healthy food and the occasional treat then that’s the only thing which matters. A combination of eating well and exercising will also improve your mental health. In turn, you’ll find that a happier mind will lead you to start appreciating your appearance. Living healthily is definitely something of which you should be proud. As explained over at, you need to find things to admire in yourself if you want to feel more beautiful. Start complimenting yourself for your good work with regards to looking after your body.


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Continuing on from the previous point, your mental state has a huge effect on your looks. This isn’t just about increasing your confidence but understand that your mental and physical state are interlinked. If you work on decreasing your stress levels then you’ll notice acne and other skin blemishes start to fade. This might lead you to sleep better which could help give your skin a healthier glow. There’s a reason people can tell when you “look” tired. Above all else, as mentioned over at, smiling more can make a big difference to your appearance. Working on your mental health will certainly lead to that happening more often.

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