Everyone else might think that you look stunning, but if you’re looking into the mirror and believe that you’re looking a bit, well, boring, then you’re probably thinking about reinventing your look. But we know what you’re thinking: after a fun summer, your bank balance probably doesn’t look quite as healthy as you’d like, so how on earth are you going to turn heads with your new look if you don’t have the budget for a complete overhaul? Luckily, the new version of you doesn’t have to cost the earth, and in fact can be quite affordable. Take our tips below and find yourself a new person.

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Makeup Shakeup


Ah, the power of makeup. Such slight alterations can do so much for our appearance, and how we feel about ourselves. Might the latest version of yourself be just a simple matter of mixing up your makeup routine? If so, there are a few key areas you should focus your attention on. Nothing will have a greater impact that changing up your eyes and your lips. There’s a reason why lipstick has been a go-to favorite for decades – it holds all the power!




OK, so you can’t afford to buy a whole new wardrobe, but you will be able to add a few useful additions to your outfits, in the form of accessories. People often give the same amount of attention to all aspects of their outfit, but the reality is that it’s usually only a few standout pieces that get all of the attention. A stellar handbag, new shoes, or a standout scarf will make it look like you’ve overhauled your wardrobe. In reality, you’ve just been super crafty with your cash. If you haven’t got an unlimited budget, make sure the money you spend goes a long way!


All in the Hair


And talking of big impact, let’s take a look at your hair. The second a person changes the color of their hair, it’s all anybody else can talk about; that’s how much of a difference it makes. Of course, many people don’t want to be quite as bold as that when it comes to their hair, so what can they do? You can try something as simple as parting your hair on the other side, or getting tape in extensions to give your hair that fuller look. Our hair has a much bigger impact on our appearance than you’d think; if you’re having a perfect hair day, then you’ll be looking your best.


To the Wardrobe


It’s time to dig deep and discover all those hidden gems that are buried in your closet. Is it possible that you’ve become too reliant on just a few go-to pieces, and that you’re neglecting the pieces that might just deserve to see the light of day again? If you’re sure there’s nothing of note back there, consider getting out the scissors and modifying your old items to create a new piece.


Get your thinking cap on, and you’ll be on your way to turning heads over the next few months!


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