A Christmas Gift Guide For The Creative In You


As November turns into December, the organiser in you starts to get a little panicked due to the prospect that there are only 25 days and counting until Christmas Day – and your Christmas shopping is still not complete! Your diary is turning into a mash-up of family get-togethers and festive parties, and your days for browsing the shops wondering what to get everyone are limited. Finding something that is perfect and personal for each person you love is time-consuming, and with the clock ticking, there may not be enough time to do 30 rounds of M and S before deciding that there’s nothing suitable. Cut out the stress and the middleman by making something personal – and less expensive – for your loved ones.


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Create A Photo Collage

Whether you are giving to a friend or family member, photos are always a great way of giving a personal gift that doesn’t break the bank. Just buy a simple plain white canvas and tastefully display photos from your year together – maybe leave a few spaces for the receiver to put some Christmas snaps in – and it will be sure to be greeted with lots of smiles Christmas Day.


Make A Scarf Or Shawl… Or Even An Embossed Christmas Sack

If you’re really into fashion, and dream of making your own line one day – how about starting small and making a scarf or shawl for a family member. This can be as personal as you like – choose the exact fabric you know they’ll love, and that will match their entire wardrobe – and you can even add their initials for a personal touch. Looking for websites where you can buy bulk fabric and multiple designs will mean you have presents sorted for all your fashion-obsessed friends and family. Plus if you have some left over – you could use the excess fabric to make an embossed stylish Santa sack that can be used year after year. No need to waste money on Christmas gift bags year after year. Win.


Create An A-Z Activity Itinerary for 2018

This one is a little bit of a brain tester for you, and a little bit of challenge to complete for your loved ones next year! This is suitable for a friend, partner or family member – or you could even make it interesting by including the whole family! The idea is to come up with an activity for you to do that starts with each letter of the alphabet – and it is not as easy as it sounds – and you need to complete the alphabet by the end of 2018. From baking to kayaking, and hiking to zorbing finishing off this present could make your head hurt a little – but it will be worth it! Presenting the list in a shopping list format that can be displayed on a loved ones’ fridge means you can tick it off as you go, and keep track of your progress.  


Create A Photo Calendar

Another way to bring a smile to your loved one’s face is to create a calendar for 2018 that has a chosen-by-you picture for every month. They can be themed to the particular month you’re in – like a Halloween photo from this year’s party for October – or be a reminder of a happy memory from 2017.


Please comment if you have tried any of these ideas out, and have fun creating!  


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