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Your daughter’s sweet sixteen is not just any birthday. This year she graduates from child to woman, entering the adult world where she will be able to learn how to drive and start figuring out what she wants to with her life – college? Family? Work? All those questions will need to be answered. But right now, it’s time to party!


Setting up a sweet sixteen party like this can be quite hard going. The key tricks are organization, plenty of time for prep and enough food and drinks to go round. Your daughter and her friends will probably have a few ideas about what to do to celebrate too, so having a planning meeting or two together is a good idea – after all, it is her party.

The Classic Pool Party

Setting off your sweet sixteen party with a splash is a brilliant idea and there are lots of things you can do to tie your theme together. For a start, inflatables are a must as they will offer plenty of space for lounging as well as playing. However grown up your little girl is, that playful side will definitely not go overnight!


For food options, a poolside barbecue could be a good idea, just as long as everyone stays at a safe distance while they are in bathing costumes. Hotdogs and burgers will always be a hit, but try adding vegetable skewers and veggie burgers for those who don’t eat meat. Salad is also a must – even if you know that realistically very few will actually want to eat it!


If you want to tie your daughter’s birthday cake into the theme, making a beach cake is a lot easier than it might seem. All you need is blue frosting, gently forked over to make waves and brown sugar to make the sand. Add a cocktail brolly and you’re good to go! You can also make cupcakes in this style, or ice doughnuts to make inflatable lifeguard rings. Iced cookies are also a lot of fun and you can use cookie cutters to get all the shapes you want.

A Pamper Party

If your daughter is much more of a pampered gal, a pamper party is just what she and her girlfriends need to relax and have a great time. You could go to a spa if you are willing to stump up a pretty huge sum, but an even better idea is to turn your home into a spa and provide treatments for all the girls. If you can get a few of your own friends on board that will make the party even easier to organise.


Start by giving everyone a hair band to keep their hair and bangs out of the way and then give everyone a towel and pillow so that they can lie comfortably. A facemask is a must and having a couple of choices will be ideal for your girls. Place a couple of slices of cucumber over their closed eyes and let them relax listening to some calming music until the mask has dried. Use a cleansing wipe once the face mask is done.


Next set up a nail station where the girls can have their nails done. While they are waiting, give the girls a delicious detox juice or smoothie. You could also teach them how to give each other hand massages, which are very simple but feel lovely, especially if you use some soft scented lotion too. They can also use hair curlers and straighteners to get themselves looking gorgeous as well as feeling it.


Food-wise this party doesn’t really come with any particular theme although your girls will probably want a few healthy options to go with the birthday cake at the centre of the table. You could try things like cucumber sandwiches, granola muffins, fruit salad or even put some wraps on the table with a variety of fillings and let the girls build their own. The fun of this party is getting to chill out and feel really looked after so the more options you can think of, the better the party food will be.

Hollywood Movie Night

For a bit of glam that actually doesn’t take you a lot of effort, the Hollywood theme is ideal. Have your guests arrive in their red carpet finest and put a camera on a tripod to get some fantastic photos. You could even add in some printable props like hats, scarves, faux pearls and all kinds of other fun things to make those pictures pop.


Naturally, every Hollywood premiere is about the film so set up your TV ready with your daughter’s favourite film. You might need to rearrange your living room so that everyone can see, but other than that, switching off the lights and pressing play will be your job done for the next two hours! Just don’t forget that they will need some super-sized popcorn tubs, ice cream and sweets to munch on throughout their movie.


The party food is, again, really easy and you should probably just cook up a range of your daughter’s favourites. Mini pizzas, hotdogs and burgers will all go down well as will nachos and chips. There are all kinds of Hollywood style birthday cakes ranging from the classic red carpet to film reels. If you are looking for something simple, though, a tub of popcorn is basically a barrel cake decorated with red and white stripes then topped with real popcorn – easy!


Whatever theme you choose for your daughter’s sweet sixteen, the main thing is that she has an awesome time celebrating her transition into womanhood. She and her friends will rock the party and have a brilliant time whichever theme you go for – even if you don’t go for a theme in the end!


Take lots of pictures, turn the music up and get on your dancing shoes; eat everything you like, enjoy some mocktails for added sophistication and get silly chatting and joking together. Your little girl is suddenly all grown up.


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