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@muradosmann ‘s inspiring photo series called #FollowMeTo, which features photos of his girlfriend leading him by the hand through all of their travels—from the Taj Mahal to the Eiffel Tower and everywhere in-between.


Based in Paris,@kattanita is a fashion, beauty and travel blogger

who documents her stylish adventures across the world.




@chrisburkard takes adventurous snaps that range from kayaking to skiing and surfing as well as plenty of picturesque mountains.


@aladyinlondonis the official guide to London. Consider her feed your VIP pass to the best parts of the Brit city—plus a dose of quick trips to other Euro hotspots.

Follow for @lepostcar An inside look at jet setters’ travels around the world, especially highlights from fashion insiders working in all realms of the industry.



@passionpassport:  A community of travelers and photographers sharing     their best snaps (think waterfalls, rock cliffs and exotic sceneries).

The London-based blogger @hermioneolivia a picturesque photo stream  of travel snaps, chic cafes, personal style  like you’ve never seen it before.


@stephbetravel snaps An abundance of sunny beaches, exotic pools  and warm-weather getaways in the most beautiful retreats around the world.

Follow@theblondegypsy for your ultimate insight into European travel—with a focus on the gorgeous seas and views from the Balkans.


@parisinfourmonths the story of a blogger who moved to Paris    for what she thought would be just four months—but ended up staying there permanently.



For the last couple of years, ombre has been the hottest look on the hair scene, and everyone has been obsessed with dyeing the ends of their hair funky colors, like pink and blue. But now Instagram is being taken over by a new, ~edgy~ kind of roots: glitter.

Following in the footsteps of rainbow roots, glitter roots are the new way to add a little disco flare to your strands.  Instagram is blowing up with this cool new look, usually accompanied by a colorful pair of baby buns.

According to the hair salon Lucy grammed from, The Fox and the Hair, the look is super easy to replicate. Just mix your favorite glitter with clear hair gel and paint it onto your part. ​



Check out more gorgeous ways girls are rocking the sparkly look!​

But now Instagram is being taken over by a new, ~edgy~ kind of roots: glitter...."for fashion."

@jayjaded / Via                                                  @mariastress / Via

Sometimes it’s fine, concentrated lines of glitter.

Sometimes it's fine, concentrated lines of glitter.Other times, it's a buttload of sparkles.

@pastelheartfrenzy / Via                        @charlanniie / Via

Other times, it’s a buttload of sparkles.

It can be a tasteful sprinkling…

It can be a tasteful sprinkling......or a full-on metallic attack.

@sarina_flores / Via                             @itsmeshell2010 / Via

…or a full-on metallic attack.

There does seem to be one  semi-functional purpose to the glitter, though:


@the_supreme /

But we have to ask: How  do you get it off???

Because it seems like glitter roots are the fast track to dandruff.



Have you heard of Glitter roots? have/will you try it?

Let me know in the comments below


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Color coordinating your entire attire with the Christmas decorations in Red, Green and White might be a little too much for grown up ladies but matching your Nails with the decor definitely does look really cute and helps you endorse the spirit of Christmas in your own stylish way.



String of Lights

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Candy Cane Nail art

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Its finally sweater weather!!

And this year, women are taking it to another level: Sweater nails.

Ahhhh, Sweater Weather.nails, nail art, and brown image

@sanjapopovic1984 / Via                                   @LadyN85/Via

And this year, women are taking it to another level: Sweater nails.And honestly, it's the coziest way to do your nails.

@malibulover / Via                                    @beffums / Via


So how do you do it?

 First, your nails a base color, go use a tiny brush to apply 3-D sculpting gel in the  sweater pattern of your choice .Mix in the gel with your polish to make it the same color as your nail. You can get sculpting gel here.

Women Are Painting Tiny 3-D Sweaters On Their Nails And It's Amazing
abetweene / Via

Go in with a second coat of the sculpting gel to make it even more  3-D.  The thicker the gel mixture, the more the pattern will stand out.

Women Are Painting Tiny 3-D Sweaters On Their Nails And It's Amazing
abetweene / Via

Dass it!
abetweene / Via

Have you heard of Sweater nails before?  Would you try them? let me know in the comments!









 The Music Box is a  monthly subscription box that delivers music  and music related gifts right to your doorstep in both album and . They hand pick emerging artists (keeping in mind your favorite genres) and send you new music every month.


Cost: The envelope (one compilation cd) $5 m

the box (2 cds and swag) $12 m

The bundle ( 2 cds, compilation cd, and swag) $15 m

I received the box ($12 m) Here’s what my box looked like: Inside, there was an assortment of different items, gifts, download cards, and musicians to explore. I was really excited to start checking these out. Let’s jump in!

After opening the box, the first few things layered upon the top were 2  free album  download cards from various bands/artists) Although I am unfamiliar with the  artists on the cards included,I’ll be checking out these artists in the coming days.


“The Sons are a Derbyshire-based alternative rock band, though their music incorporates sounds from various other genres, including rhythm and blues, folk and country, with a heavy emphasis on intricately layered musical composition and lyrical complexity.”

Value: $18 (had to convert pounds to dollars, couldn’t find it on a us site)

I have listened to a few tracks so far and I have to say  I like them, they are quirky and  off beat!



value $5 on amazon

I have yet to listen to this but it has great reviews on amazon so I am excited to listen on my next car ride! (I listen to cds and cassettes in the car, one of the perks of having a older car!)



Download cards and other various swag





the value of the box was great  at $25  for a $12 box

I cant wait to see whats in my December box!