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Want to look supernaturally spook-tacular this Halloween? Why not go with a DIY designer costume that doesn’t have to be retired once Halloween is through? With Rent the Runway, you can rent designer styles and accessories to create a costume that is both creative and classy. Here are a few examples:

Chick Ninja - All you’ll need is a fun jumpsuit, like Rent the Runway’s Tibi Kora Jumpsuit, a black ninja mask, and a faux Japanese sword.

Vampiress - Slip on a seductive black dress, such as the Blumarine Criss Cross Dress from Rent the Runway, add fun jewelry, like a gaudy garnet ring, a pair of sexy high-heel black or lace booties, add some red makeup to the corners of your mouth, and you’ll be sure to stun on All Hallow’s Eve.

Optical Illusion - This fun look is super easy to put together. Rent the RVN Luthor Top and RVN Luthor Skirt, throw on some 3D glasses, and you’ve got a haute hocus-pocus Halloween costume.





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Spongellé sent me one of their brand new Sponge Animals Body Wash Infused Sponges to test and review Transform your kids shower experience with Sponge Animals by Spongellé. These Body Wash Infused Sponges come in 4 animal shapes & in a fruitilicious scent. Add one youngster & let the shower time fun begin!

I received the blue fish but they also offer a green dog, yellow duck and  orange butterfly.

So when I saw these  children’s bath sponges from SPONGELLE I was so excited! I mean, they’re adorable, they’re cruelty free, hypoallergenic, and made in the USA.

SPONGELLE  also has a line of luxurious bath products for adults, but now they’re created a children’s line with the super cute Sponge Animals! although I am totally using this on myself as well! fruitilicious is totally an acceptable scent for adults.

Children's Sponge Animals

My favorite part is that they’re already infused with AWESOME smelling soap.  All you have to do is immerse the Sponge Animal in water and it suds right up. 

Make sure to check out to purchase Sponge Animals for your kids, or treat yourself to one of the many products in the Spongellé or Spongology collections. 








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The ancient Greeks believed that true beauty lies in proportion and balance. Warby Parker’s newlimited-edition sunglasses reflect that ethos. Created and named in honor of the Titan goddess of sight who gave gold and other metals and gems their luster, the Thea collection includes three impressive frames: Lovett, Grace, and Penrose. Each are hand-wrapped in a continuous line of stainless steel and triple-coated in 24-karat gold. These three timeless frames are available in Jet Black and Red Canyon.

The Grace frame is a modified cat-eye shape with a winged cutaway detail at the temple creating a sinuous silhouette.

Grace in Jet Black

Grace in Jet Black&nbsp

The Penrose’s oversized, squared-off frame is effortlessly polished and refined.

Penrose in Red Canyon

Penrose in Red Canyon&nbsp

Lovett is a square silhouette with an angled brow that creates a timeless appeal.

Lovett in Jet Black

Lovett in Jet Black

Each frame from Warby Parker’s Thea Collection arrives in a classy, black leather case.

Looking for a spooky nail look for October? Check out this new Halloween nail art tutorial that uses colors from  Juleps Happy Halloween Welcome Box. Get this 4-piece beauty box featuring a trio of spooky polishes and a gel eye glider for FREE when you join the Julep beauty box subscription.

Halloween Nail Design Tutorial

Here are the steps to this easy orange-and-black mani:

1. Paint one coat of orange 2/3 of the way up your nail. Let dry.

2. Using a striping tool (or a toothpick!) to polish on black points.

3. Polish the outline of the points with one coat of black polish.

4. Add a top coat and you’re done!

Pretty Spooky Welcome Box

As a Julep Maven you’ll receive a box of brand-new, full sized nail color and beauty products each month – and you deserve it!

  • Julep Maven is affordable. Every month you get more than $40 of full-size products for just $24.99 per month (tip – prepay for three months at a time and save $15).
  • Julep Maven is the only customizable box of full-size, limited-run nail colors and beauty innovations. That means no surprises, no dupes or colors you don’t like. You can see what is in your box each month and have the option of swapping out colors/products you already have or don’t want.
  • Julep Mavens get 20% off all single product purchases, free shipping, early access to secret sales. If you are passionate about your polish, that adds up to some amazing savings!

Join Maven and get the 4-piece Pretty Spooky Welcome Box FREE ($50+ value) – just pay $2.99 shipping with code BOO. Want an even better deal? Pre-pay for your first three months of Maven and get the Welcome Box and shipping FREE. Either way, you are going to LOVE being a Maven.


**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Men who like cars, tools, movies, music, books, and cool stuff in general will want to check out Warby Parker’s new limited edition sunglasses, Model X1. These new sunglasses are the result of another collaboration between Warby Parker and Uncrate, the masters of men’s gear.

These driving frames are designed to be as functional as they are easy on the eyes. Each frame is crafted from premium acetate and equipped with Zeiss Ri-Pel lens coating, which gives the flexible, lightweight nylon lenses an extra layer of durability to repel water, sand, and any other element that you might come across on or off the road.

This time around, Warby Parker is offering the limited-edition sunglasses in Whiskey Tortoise, as well as their original color, Jet Black Matte.

Model X1 in Whiskey Tortoise&nbsp

Model X1 in Jet Black Matte&nbsp


“I am excited to share this ridiculously easy knotted updo tutorial with you today. For once it pays to have your hair all knotty because this hairstyle is done by actually tying it.

This knotted ‘do is perfect because it is one of those styles that can be worn with sunglasses and a pair of jeans during the day, or a little sequined dress and some heels in the evening. I am sure with everything we do all day, having a hairstyle that can transition from day to night is always a must-have in our beauty regimen. This hairstyle really does require a little bit of hair tying, but the back portion can be changed up to accommodate any type of knot or wrapped bun. Just play around a little bit and see how it works out for you. This can literally be worn nearly anywhere and is the perfect everyday hairstyle!

The Easy Knotted Updo Tutorial:

Step 1

Begin with a part on the right side, then separate off a square section of hair from the part down to eye level.

Step 2

Pick up a small section of hair next to the part and divide it into two halves.

Step 3

Cross the back half over the front so it creates a small space between the two strands.

Step 4

Wrap the tail through the hole created so the hair forms half a knot.

Step 5

Pull it tight so it lays against the head and pick up small sections of hair, adding them into each strand.

Step 6

Create a second knot by crossing the back strand over the front, then looping the end through the hole before pulling it tight again.

Step 7

Repeat step 6, bringing in hair and tying it into knots.

Step 8

Continue tying knots until it reaches the end of the strands, then tie it off with a clear elastic band and pin it against the back of the head.

Step 9

Pick up a two-inch section of hair at the center of the back of the head and wrap the strand around your fingers. Twist the fingers counter-clockwise so the hair forms a little knot.

Step 10

Secure the knot in place with hair pins.

Step 11

Next, pick up another two-inch section of hair to the right of the first knot in step 9.

Step 12

Wrap this hair into another knot and pin it in place.

Step 13

Next, pick up a section of hair below the second knot and create a third knot, securing it against the head with hair pins.

Step 14

Then take a section of hair to the left of the first knot and wrap it into another knot, securing it with hair pins.

Step 15

Finally, pick up the last section of hair and create one last knot, securing it with pins.



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Did you know that Breast Cancer is the 2nd deadliest cause of death for women around the world?!?  How scary is that?? October is well-known as Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everything lately is pink and pink ribbons and focused on raising awareness and money to support breast cancer charities. I love businesses that go above and beyond to support this important cause. The Charms brand Glamulet wants to make Breast Cancer death a thing of the past. First by offering a range of trendy and elegant quality jewelry at an affordable price and more importantly by donating 50% of your purchase to Breast Cancer Research in the hopes that by 2050, no women die of breast cancer.

Glamulet is joining in this month with their new, limited charms for breast cancer awareness month. Glamulet charms are beautiful, and varied; allowing you to mix and match to create personalized jewelry that truly represents you, commemorate’s an event or symbolize something special in your life.For the month of October, they’ve created a special Pink Charms line to support breast cancer awareness. These charms are gorgeous, but they’re more than that as Glamulet donates 50% of their sales from the Pink Charms line to charities that support breast cancer.

 Below are a few of the  beautiful charms in the pink collection. How perfect are these charms??

These pieces are not just pretty but also a way to help support the cause and raise awareness. I would love to know which charm is your favorite??

Don’t forget! During Pink October, Glamulet will donate 50% of their sales of pink charms to charities that support breast cancer.
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**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Fall is definitely my favorite season. The leaves are turning to bright golds, rich reds, and deep oranges.The sky is unbelievably blue. Everything is crisp and shiny and the whole world is changing color. And if you’re like me, your style changes with it — including your glasses.

Warby Parker’s new Fall 2015 collection reflects that nuanced autumnal palette. It even includes a cool two-toned style that features a contrast layer of acetate laminated over a layer of thicker acetate. (It’s shaping up to be one of my favorites.)

There’s also an abundance of never-before-seen designs—seven in all—ranging from new takes on rectangular shapes to circular frames with subtle angular details. Because this new collection debuts so many new frame designs and colors, you can try them on from the comfort of your home through Warby Parker’s Home Try-On program. Here’s how it works:

● Pick five of your favorite glasses from the Fall 2015 collection and Warby Parker will mail them to you – for free.
● Try them on and find your perfect pair.
● Purchase them from Warby Parker and they’ll be shipped to you A.S.A.P.
● Pack up your 5 Home Try-On frames and ship them back to Warby Parker — also for free because they pay for the return shipping!
And remember that, for every pair of Warby Parker frames sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

Here are a few styles in particular that are sure to complement your autumn attire:

Percey in Scarlet Tortoise

Otis in Mulled Cider

Caspar in Harvest Fade


Sometimes you have but a few minutes to spare, and an event calls for an updo with a bit of class and sophistication. That’s when you whip out this bad boy: the three minute woven updo.

As the name implies, this hairstyle takes all of 3 minutes to recreate. Not to mention, the finished look makes it seem as if you spent hours slaving away in front of your mirror. We’ll leave it up to you on whether or not you want to reveal just how simple it was to do when the oohs and ahhs start rolling in. For this look, all you need are some bobby pins and a bit of hairspray. You can also apply a nourishing serum to your hair before starting in order to create glossier locks.

The 3 Minute Woven Updo:

Step 1: Gather Front Section of Hair

Take a small section of hair from the front of your head. Gently twist and then push section up a little bit to create some lift at the top of your head. Secure with two criss-crossed bobby pins.

Step 2: Twist a Small Section

Take the section of hair that begins just above the ear and ends where your front section stopped. Gently twist it and drape across the back of your head, then secure.

Step 3: Repeat On The Other Side

Do the same thing again on the opposite side of your head. To conceal your bobby pins, drape this second twisted section over the last bobby pin. When securing this section, make sure the bobby pin you use is tucked under the other twisted section of hair.

Step 4: Repeat Steps 2 and 3

Follow steps two and three again, this time using sections of hair from behind the ear. Secure with bobby pins.

Step 5: Create a Bun

Gather the leftover section of hair. Start twisting it and then wrap it into itself to create a simple twisted bun. Secure with bobby pins. If you have layered hair like me, you may have pieces sticking out. Tuck them in and then spray lightly with hairspray. You can also apply a light coat of hairspray over the entire look to keep everything in place.


Post written in collaboration with’s contributor Wendy Rose Gould