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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel

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Orajel has a whole line of products outfitted with you child’s favorite characters like bubble guppies, Elmo and Thomas the tank engine So that tooth brushing can become a fun and habit forming experience 

-Baby Orajel Naturals for teething pain Relief  is a Homeopathic formula and comes in both Gel and quick dissolve tablets

-Floride Free toothpaste in flavors like Tooty Fruity, Fin-tastic Fruit and Bright Banana Apple

Habits are formed young and Orajel is here to help you celebrate each and every #smilestone 
 C Loves the bubble guppies and HATES brushing her teeth, so  the bubble guppies toothpaste and  toothbrush were perfect for her

******I Received one or more of the Products above free to review******

 We have offered a lot of great jewelry sales in the past for Fashion Friday, but we are mixing it up a little this week with hanging jewelry organizers, perfect for storing all your fabulous jewelry. For Fashion Friday, we have 10 different styles of fabric, hangable jewelry organizers
Fashion Friday- 7/25/14- Jewelry Holder & FREE Earrings- $12.00 & FREE SHIPPING with Code JULY101.

IMAGE: Fashion Friday-7/25/14-Jewelry Holder & FREE EARRINGS- $12.00 & FREE SHIPPING w/ Code JULY101These fashionable organizers are also very functional. They have 26 plastic compartments, with zip closures. They have a metal hanger to store easily in any closet or on the back of a bathroom door. Additionally, they fold up so they can be traveled with.

IMAGE: Fashion Friday-7/25/14-Jewelry Holder & FREE EARRINGS- $12.00 & FREE SHIPPING w/ Code JULY101

Additionally, you  will be offered a FREE pair of rainbow stud earrings at checkout with the purchase of the jewelry organizer. They are a curved rectangle and come in 7 different colors. They are limited one free pair per order/person.

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Tea Collection’s new arrivals are here! These new styles are inspired by Germany’s early 20th century school of Bauhaus, which became famous for its radical union of art and design, and transformed everything from architecture to music. Tea Collection’s new arrivals feature bold primary colors and modern geometric shapes; fairy tale romance meets art nouveau. The perfect combination for little ones ready for fun and adventure, and perfect for back-to-school too! Go take a peek at the Tea Collection’s new arrivals today!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links
 You know that moment right as the sun sets, or as it rises, and the top rays of the sun flash across the horizon, marking the magical moments in a period of the day when anything can happen? This is the inspiration for the new Beacon Collection from
Warby Parker. A collection of four new styles of frames, that encompass the spirit of dusk ’til dawn, when anything can happen, these glasses are the perfect companions for late night dates to rooftop sunrises and everything in between. Unexpected, as well as revealing, the Beacon Collection celebrates all that is great about the mysterious, the spontaneous and the unknown. The Warby Parker Beacon Collection is now available.

The Earthman Jack Space Saga is a series of seven planned novels following the adventures of Jack Finnegan, and his journey from an unknown teenage slacker to one of the greatest heroes the universe has ever seen.

space-saga2Jack’s saga spans many years, multiple planets, a couple of dimensions, and more cheesy one-liners than you can count.  As the story progresses, you’ll see Jack’s journey from the small-town underachiever he started out as on Earth, to a courageous hero who saves the galaxy from utter annihilation.  Along the way, Jack is helped out by an assortment of odd-ball allies, and meets some truly frightening and formidable villains as well.
Oh yeah, there’s also an epic love story.  (You know, if you’re into that sort of thing.)
There will be lots of autonomous robots, ruthless cyborg bounty hunters, magical superheroes, devious politicians, and interesting aliens that cross Jack’s path.  There will also be epic battles (both in space and on the ground), universe-shattering events, personal tragedies and triumphs, strange science, and fascinating mysteries that will unfold, all with Jack at their center.
If you’re a fan of adventure, science fiction, fantasy, superheroes, true love, magic, and awesomeness, then you’ll definitely want to experience The Earthman Jack Space Saga for yourself!

Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet (The Space Saga #1)

Jack Finnegan is living the life of a typical 15 year old teenager.  He hates going to school, shucks his homework in favor of playing video games, and is infatuated with the prettiest girl in town – Anna Shepherd.  The only problem is that her father is also Jack’s overly-strict Homeroom teacher, and he doesn’t seem to like Jack very much – as evidenced by the sheer volume of detention Jack receives from him. However, all that changes when an army of evil aliens suddenly invade Earth, and Jack discovers the girl of his dreams, his homeroom teacher, and his physics professor are all actually visitors from a galaxy-spanning Empire, who have come to Earth searching for a powerful Ancient artifact that might be the key to defeating their ruthless enemy.

Earthman Jack 1 Cover

My Review

Interested in seeing if Earthman Jack is a story worth investing your time in?  Earthman Jack vs. The Ghost Planet –  Defiantly is, it is a really well written and fast paced book!
It’s adventure, Sci-FI, fantasy, superheroes, true love and magic

melded into one AWESOME book (well its actually a series, so the adventure continues in  Earthman Jack vs. The Secret Army)

If you’d like to purchase a hard copy version of the novel, please click here.

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****I received the products mentioned above free of charge to review****

Perfect for keeping water out of your child’s ears in crashing waves at the beach and protecting from public pool germs, AquaEars soft silicone, latex-free earplugs offer dual protection for water-sensitive ears by sealing out water and reducing ear discomfort due to pressure.
They are also helpful for loud events( noise reduction rating of 22 decibels) such as  concerts or during firework displays.

*Especially important considering the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate swimmer’s ear cases amount to about 2.4 million trips to doctors each year.
AquaEars are moldable to any size ear for children 3 and up and are available in characters for both boys and girls such as Hello Kitty, SpongeBob, Disney Cars, Little Mermaid, etc. making them earplugs kids actually want to wear while reducing the chance for water-related infections like swimmer’s ear at the same time.
Even with a great uv swimsuit
And sunglasses for the kids, 
You still need sunscreen for those sensitive necks, noses and ears 
Coopertone not only had great sunscreen for kids they also have a line made specifically for women 

(Containing beach and pool and Sunny Day)

CLEARLYSheer For Beach & Pool
-lightweight formulas
-Absorbs in seconds
-Moisturizing  formulas help leave skin smooth and soft
-Won’t clog pores or cause   
-Water resistant
- Refreshing, subtle tropical fruit and flower fragrance

CLEARLYSheer For Sunny Days
 - Sheer formulas are great under makeup
- Won’t clog pores or cause breakouts
- Lotions appropriate for sensitive skin
-Water resistant
- Fresh lemon-lime citrus fragrance with soft floral base notes

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****I received the products mentioned above free of charge to review****

Summer is in full swing and every kid needs a new suit (or three!) 
the One piece UPF Suit by BabyBanz
available in Fin Frenzy and Sun Blossom (Above) and sizes 0-6m through 7-8
This is not only a  adorable suit but you can know that every time your child slips into this suit they receive UPF 50+ protection so you don’t have to give up sun protection for style 

2 types of Ultraviolet (UV) light:
UVA: Is visible and causes tanning and contributes to aging
UVB: is not visible and causes sunburn and skin cancer. UVB is more damaging

Easy ways to protect from UV light
-Wear a wide brim hat, This reduces at least 50% of UV light
-Ase wrap around style sunglasses (preferably UV400)
-Always use glasses with UV protection, it is inexpensive and will NOT interfere with vision
-Wear a suit that has a UV protection level of at least 40

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Baby Banz kindly sent us this suit to review Kids Shades

What you should consider when choosing sunglasses for your  child

  • Wrap-around frames to protect from peripheral light
  • A comfortable fit – not too tight , not too loose
  • Transparent enough to see your child’s eyes
  • Tested to contain no lead, bisphenol A or phthalates
  • Shatterproof and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses

Something’s you don’t know about harmful UV radiation and protecting your child’s eyes
Sunlight Can Permanently Damage Your Child’s Eyes
Everyone loves the sun. And everyone knows the sun can damage skin- but you probably don’t know that the sun can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your child’s eyes

Sunglasses are not Accessories- they are essential gear
Sunglasses should be as important as a bike helmet, would you let your child ride a bike without a helmet, right? Don’t let them play outside without protective sunglasses, Period!

Sun Damage is Permanent and Cumulative
Eye lenses cannot repair themselves. once they’re damaged, they’re damaged forever.
and over time the harm done is cumulative. This can lead to serious eye disease and even blindness

Eye Disorders Caused By Sun Damage

  • Cataracts
  • Skin cancer around the eyes
  • Photokeratitis- sunburn of the cornea
  • Pterygia-abnormal tissue grown on the whites of the eyes
  • Age-related macular degeneration
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****I received the products mentioned above free of charge to review****

Q3_CARMEX_GLAM 2My Summer Essentials to Beat the Heat:

Spritzer Bottle (filled with a mixture of water and lavender oil)
Carmex Moisture Plus
a Great Book (like EarthMan Jack)

insulated water bottle
cooling face cloth
Summer is in session, the pools are open  and that means fun in the sun! It’s time to start thinking about spending the day on the beach or lounging by the pool. 
While catching some rays, revel in your own style by matching your Carmex Moisture Plus® lip balm design to your favorite beach attire. The new, limited edition line of lip balms are available in a variety of fun, fashionable designs to match your unique style.
Carmex Moisture Plus is formulated with the brand’s trusted ultra-hydrating Moisture Plus technology that contains aloe and vitamin E to keep lips hydrated and refreshed in the summer sun.

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****I received the products mentioned above free of charge to review****