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Dial body wash
I get that it’s a extra  item but still dial? They could have included ANY other body wash 
they are getting these items for free or way below retail so they should include upscale brands or if not upscale then something we haven’t heard of before 

 Gorjana Brooks Jewelry Roll $45
I don’t need this but it’s cute and I might use it as a wallet 

Sugar wish cinnamon hearts 
I’m not sure yet if I can eat these yet but when I figure it out I will report back

Ncla nail polish 
This is a DARK maroon color and I don’t know if I will love it or hate it but I will try it this week 

Lip duo  
Haven’t tried yet might end up swapping   

Face serum 

This is a travel candle (it’s in a tin with a lid) 

Its back!

Apparel and shoes $10 
Accessories $5 
Get it before it’s gone! (Mobile only)
If you don’t already have a account Comment below and I will send you a referral for $15 off your first purchase 
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