Monthly Archives: October 2013

was so excited to recieve my birchbox this month 

I received a email saying that my box shipped last night and I received it today 
I usually don’t use concealer but I will give this a go 

Liz Earle 
Cleanser $7 Cloth $3
I will probably pass this on to S because he would love it!

Aqua lacquer  Flowering Fuchsia  Full sized!  $14 
This can also be used as a blush
And I can’t wait to use it!

 I was hoping for at least 1 more product but for $10 this was a great value
$26  was more than twice what I payed and I didn’t include the Birchbox find

Disclosure: This post contains contain referral links!

I was too late to participate in this sale last time, but I finally managed to catch it before these grab bags sold out.

The bags are only $15 and can contain any item sold at Each item has a value of between $30 and $200!
So, basically, what you end up getting is a true mystery, but if you like that retro-vintage style of clothing, you’ll probably enjoy what you get :)

Xl was sold out so I purchased a L 
Unfortunately they are a bit too tight but not so much that I will gift them!

$82.99 wave your pendant dress

I couldn’t find them anywhere on 
Modcloth so I don’t have the prices,
but they are high quality items so probably are around $80-$100 each!

~Hello Flo: $14-$18/monthly.  Helloflo is a monthly subscriptions service for your period. They’ll send you what you need, right when you need it.  They’ll also be sending some fun and tasty treats as a pick-me-up.
Hello flo Arrived via ups in a discreet white box
Hello flo is more of a box for convenience then  savings 
I choose the pads only box  for $15
Hello go comes with a info card that basically said that now that the weather is cooler they will now send chocolate!
Your first box includes a little box/bag to hold your supplies 

I wish I had received the chevron bag that I saw online!
over all i was happy with this subscription but decided to cancel because of the price
this is terrifically convenient but i will choose not to subscribe to this in the future because of the  price $15 per month is too much for me to spend monthly on pads!
Rx vintage sends you vintage clothing each month (you fill out a survey and they try to get your preferences to a T ) 

there are two options for  $49 you can get 2 pieces per months for $148  you can get five!  they will be starting a new option next week where you receive one piece of clothing for $ 29  per month this is also on eight dollars handling

Rx vintage includes a card that explained the items you have received it included a $50 gift card from 
I don’t drink so I will pass this on 
 The first item was a blue day dress with small white fans from the 80′s  this dress had shoulder pads that I will defiantly    take out 

The second item was a tiger print maxi dress form the 90′s in mint condition 

Unfortunately I didn’t like my items this month the size was perfect but the styles weren’t  
I will return this months items (my order will be refunded( 
Analog living is a shop on etsy 

I usually don’t purchase subscriptions on etsy but I thought that this would be a cute gift for myself and since a year is $41 I was more than happy to buy this
That comes out to about  $3.50 per month

The first month comes with a cute stump to put your photos in

Since I ordered towards the end of the month I received both the September and October prints 
I love this and am really happy I subscribed!